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  1. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Hi max, thank you for your reply. Your modified file stop the "Unsafe Dialog" , but is the old I would like to modify the new However, my problem remain. All the windows (dialog) present in Hotplug.dll don't appear when I clic on the USB icon in the system tray. See my first post, please. Is like if the Hotplug.dll file is not loaded. Bye
  2. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Hi, I'm always me! Maybe the problem is in my SYSTRAY.EXE, file Version is (ita), file size 67.072 byte (after Revolutions Pack 7-- patch). I can't make this modify to solve my problem. The pattern 75 1B 52 68 is not present in my SYSTRAY.EXE: Can you help me? SYSTRAY.EXE file attached in this post. Thanx SYSTRAY_new.rar
  3. Windows Update Fix for Win9x/Me

    Hi soporific, thanx for your reply. Nothing! Neither 1.20 version works for me. Maybe because my system is hard modded wid Unofficial service pack, revolution PAck, 98-ME mod ecc. If I haven't misunderstood your post, the problem could be this. Thanx again for your precious support. Bye
  4. Windows Update Fix for Win9x/Me

    HI, Don't work for me! I have tried version 1.05 (both options: first 1 and after 2), but nothing. After I have trid new version 1.10, but Windows Update don't work. Always the same screen, for Macintosh Users. What's the problem? Thanx Bye
  5. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    HELP ME PLEASE! Maximus Decim USB 3.1 (Superb driver and tool!) stop working. I don't know why, but first all working superb! Now, when I plug-in an USB device, the icon near Windows clock appear, but I can't unplug the drive from it. When I click on the icon nothing happened. This pop-up is missed: No function working on left and right mouse button! I could uninstall Maximus Decim USB 3.1 and reinstall again... but I don't Know how. Or maybe there is a procedure to reestablish the correct working? I have tried to reinstall Maximus Decim USB 3.1 over the existing Maximus Decim USB 3.1, but don't fix the problem. Please Help me! Thanx again (for all your work).