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  1. I tried to upgrade the WMP once.. taht went wrong.. not gonna do that again... As for upgrades/patches..you might also wanna take a look at http://www.windizupdate.com/ thru firefox.... WinME is pretty good.. what I would do if i were you is to install winme, then install IE6 and THEN do the updates/fixes.. thru MS, after which you should make an image of your harddrive or so... (copy the drive), so that you can "restore" the stuff. The SP is a beta still.. don't forget that. It's not "safe", it still has bugs... and you still might not be able to install software or deinstall, because kernels are updated (read: messed up now)....
  2. I have a few questions about the autoexec.bat and environment variables. In one of the 'tweaks', someone mentioned to turn off the environment variables. I would assume that the system would take those from autoexec.bat instead then.. A few months ago I read somewhere else that you would have to get rid of autoexec.bat, since the environment variables would take care of everything.... Now I tried to take stuff out of the autoexec.bat.. but it just comes back. Is it true that the system will take the variables from autoexec.bat and that you can get rid of the environment variables in msconfig? And: In a few tweaks they mention to add a few lines to the autoexec.bat. That's nice, but they often just disappear (I know they do when I start msconfig for example). Is there a way to keep them in there....?
  3. Yesterday I installed the time update, OLE update and the WMF9 patch (they're the recent ones)... and after that winamp wouldn't work anymore. It had a problem with winamps in_mp3.dll. This dll is in it's own directory under winamp, so it has nothing to do with windows.... Reinstalling winamp wouldn't work. I had to reinstall windows over the old one (and then install the unofficial SP + IE6.1) to get everything to where it was. I would think it has to do with the WMP, since it also plays mp3's, but I had no clue where to look for... (specially since the dll wasn't even in one of the windows folders).
  4. I've seen many Windows ME tweaks and all, but is there a list somewhere that everyone can use to check off the tweaks he/she performed on his/her machine to get WinME perform as good as possible? I mean.. I know about the startup delays, vcache settings, conservativeswapfileusage in system.ini.. but is there a complete list anywhere? Reason for this is.. I use a 1Ghz machine with 300something mb of Ram which I had to reinstall windows me on a few weeks back. Before that it ran smoothly.. and is was running faster than my 2Ghz w/ 640mb Ram which also has WinME that I have at home... So if anyone has good tweaks.. and has a list, can they post it here? Just in case I missed a post.... since I cannot believe that anyone wouldn't have asked this before... Oh.. and tweaks for IE and OE would be welcome as well of course..
  5. I take that back.. the cd-rw was corrupt... rewriting it didn't work either. writing a regular cd-r went fine and was readable afterwards as well.
  6. Oh.. and my cdromdrive doesn't work anymore either... It sees the disk.. reads the title, but can't access it anymore. It asks me if I want to format it. (I don't really like to do that with a backup cd... )
  7. The problems I have... are problems I already had in version 7, but are still in 8: 1. When shutting down windows, I get an error in explorer.exe. Not all the time, but it's quite often. 2. When I get errors like that, I sometimes get a window asking me if I would like to report the error to microsoft. I've only seen screens like that in windows XP, never on a ME machine, so it has to do with 'upgraded' files that are not in the official upgrade. 3. The problem usually comes up with explorer.exe, but sometimes also kernel files. Just.. strange files that I know are just updated files. It's ok to update, but it's not foolproof, since my machine has a problem with it. I did a clean installation of ME before I tried that beta7 installation. Then it was messed up. I installed IE6 after that, to get at least a 'normal' IE installation.... Is that something that canbe included in those upgrades? (a full IE6 installation)
  8. I am new here.. tried out beta7 (ugh... got problems) and beta8 (had a few problems) and I have a few questions/concerns.. 1. Is it possible to have the Microsoft updates/patches and all split up into the official updates/upgrades and an unofficial update/upgrade? This way people can choose if they want to have the update/upgrades that you guys provide. It would be great to have the official upgrade into 1 executable, so that's good, but I get the feeling that my pc doesn't like the unofficial upgrade/update.. it complains every now and then about my explorer.exe (which crashes for no reason).. and has some more 'strange' issues. 2. Is it possible to have a mouseover help in the installation selection screen? I have no idea for example what Wintop is... it would be useful probably, but why would I install it if I have no clue...? Thanks! And keep up the good work!
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