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  1. same error @here... using boot.wim from seven x64 instead 2008, since I dont have a 2008 copy even tried to remove the space after /inf=(space)Drivers any suggestion?
  2. dude... this is an amazing guide!! you should make the video!! haha Thanks a lot... I guess ill put it on practice soon!
  3. about TCP/IP Connection limit patch, hehe
  4. you should... IE6 have's too many W3C DOM incompatibilities.. IE6 should be deleted from every computer in the world (well IE7 should too, but we're not discussing that here ) And IE6 isn't secure at all... I can tell you as a web developer... oh... btw, good work Kurt! this guide simplified my life a lot Cheers!
  5. Im doing a XP Pro x64 + SP2 Unnatended... and i've wondered that... it works normally? im really afraid to wipe out my nlite install :PPP
  6. ty for the answers but, i cant get what "VL" means do you mean that its not safe to remove OOBE? *edit* gotcha no, i dont need to activate windows everytime, so ill not need it, i've readed the nLite warning about it and OOBE its foud in Components Step tyvm guys
  7. is there anyway to get rid of the assistant that prompts an Username, checks the internet connection and prompts for registering in microsoft.com? its really annoying

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