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  1. I rarely use ActiveSync on my work laptop and would like to load it "on demand". After installing, I noticed that there are two services constantly running: 1. ActiveSync RAPI Manager (C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\rapimgr.exe), 5.5MB 2. ActiveSync Connection Manager (C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\wcescomm.exe), 5.1MB I can't justify wasting 10.6MB of RAM for an application I use once or twice a month. I have tried removing these services from the following locations: HKCU: H/PC Connection Agent ("C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\wcescomm.exe") However, These processes always seem to start up? Does anyone know how to load this on demand or what is causing ActiveSync to start up?
  2. How would one do this on a Home Premium machine? I don't see "Local Users and Groups" in the Computer Management.
  3. This IS what I am looking for! How can this be done? Sounds like a job for Presentation Mode, not RDP. Why not set the laptop on the desk next to the desktop and connect the projector to it? The projector is ceiling mounted and the laptop is not within a VGA cable reach.
  4. Thank you. I am aware of VNC and have used this feature. I would like to know if this is possible with Remote Desktop which would eliminate the need for two software packages. Thanks and please let me know any info on options and access rights...
  5. Hello, I have just purchased a new machine that was loaded with Windows Vista Premium. I replaced the termsrv.dll file to allow for remote desktop connections, but I am having a few issues: 1. The clipboard and sound is not working with remote sessions 2. My wife's account (non-admin) will not login Finally, I was wondering if it is possible to "mirror" the display with remote desktop. Instead of locking out the user on the physical PC, is there a way to view the current users session? We are using a projector at work which is connected to a desktop PC. I would like to display my laptop monitor on the projector using remote desktop. However, I would like to maintain control of the laptop while viewing the display on the projector. Thanks!
  6. I just installed R4 fine on Vista Ultimate 32, default options...

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