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  1. That's correct you have to copy it from your opk kit to your WinPE CD or to a network share. Normaly, after typing in the reg key the setup Program copies the necessary files to your harddisk and return to the command prompt. after that you have to exit winpe. type exit in winpe and remove your winpe source (i.e. USB Stick, CD) Hi,kyor Thanks for your help. Now I can complete my winpe UFD. By the way,at first I typed the following commond %SOURCE%\i386\winnt32.exe /syspart:c: /unattend:%SOURCE%\i386\WINNT.SIF After the computer reboot, the setup program asked me to put "windows xp sp2" setup cd into the cdrom. So I used /makelocalsource and /tempdrive:c: parameters,the full commond is %SOURCE%\i386\winnt32.exe /syspart:c: /unattend:%SOURCE%\i386\WINNT.SIF /makelocalsource /tempdrive:c: the unattend setup went on successfully, just like it run from unattend setup CD. Is it possible run a unattend Xp setup under winpe 2.0 ram disk on UFD without copying all source files to the Hard disk?
  2. Hi, mmarable If I have some other software in a folder, should I put it in to the i386 folder just like $OEM$ folder?
  3. Hi, Kyor I also tried to install Winxp via winnt32 in Winpe v2.0 on my UFD. I followed what you posted, but I still met some problems. 1. I can't find "bootsect.exe" on my UFD. I followed the steps from WAIK Walkthrough "Create a Bootable Windows PE RAM Disk on UFD", (In LRMOPK_TW.iso, we can find bootsect.exe in the BOOT folder) but I didn't find bootsect.exe in the BOOT folder on my UFD. So I copied it from "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\x86" to BOOT folder. 2. The winnt32.exe will close after "Preparing installation". I followed the steps you mentioned above, I run winnt32.exe without unattended file, I typed the regist key then the setup program went on. But after "Preparing installation", the setup program closed and return to the command line promote. could somebody do me a favort? I've bothered about this for months .

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