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  1. Sounds lovely, otherwise I might force an unknown device in the list with a devcon install anyways, an other project has reached higher priority for now, so can't really implement it yet. your program is really growing into quite something.
  2. You discribed that correctly indeed Madboy. and from your post I understand that your program only rescans if there have already been unknown/failng devices in the system which your program deinstalled?
  3. I'm afraid I was too far in my own program problems that I missed this functionality of yours, as I understood you program would only work when the device was in the device list already, but if the rescan is implemented in your problem(don't know how I missed that) that would be the perfect solution indeed. I'll look into this combo a bit. thanks again and alot for your time
  4. that would solve it indeed I think. the problem was mainly to stop the wizard from popping. thanks for the advise.
  5. What I wish to achieve is to automate the install process further so that one wouldn't have to click Next and Finish in the wizard, but once the device is in the device list use devcon to install it automatically.
  6. this might not be quite on the subject... on a test system with some PCI extenders for hotswitching pci devices I'm currently using the devcon utility from microsoft to uninstall and rescan the device list for new devices. on the rescan wondows automatically opens the driver installation wizard. can't use the install option because the device is not in the list for I removed it with the remove function in devcon. Would there be a way to catch the installation wizard or prevent it from running after the scan is complete and the uninstalled but visible device is in the list again? I hope I described it understandable, thanks in advance for yourtime

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