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  1. Batch Patcher 2.11

    Glenn9999, Just wanted to give you a update here. Saturday 2 Mar 08 I had to perform a os reinstall on my Aunts computer. I used Nlite to slipstream the os and sp2 with some other programs, and when that was complete I used your program to finish the rest of the post sp2 updates and all worked well. In the end I used Belarc Advisor to verify what was left and only a small amount of critical updates were needed. You did a awesome job IMHO and thank you for taking the time to do this, it ROCKS!!!! It must be such an honor to have the skills to develop software like this. Thanks again for taking the time to write this program!!!! Socom18e out...............
  2. Batch Patcher 2.11

    Glenn9999 Found this program of your's and wanted to say thanks!! I just did a fresh install of xp on a buddies computer and giving this a try as I type. Used c't Offline Update 4.0 to get the updates post SP2 and pointed your program to the folder and just waiting to see what happens. Once your program is done I'll double check it against the Belarc Advisor and compare the before and after results. I'll post back later to give ya a heads up. Thanks again for your time and effort, it's truly appreciated. socom18e out.......... Glenn9999, Update Have to say that the program works very fast After running your program I doulbe checked again against the Belarc Advisor and it showed all but 5 hotfixes installed. Also noticed that when the program was running that the hotfix it was installing if it completed It showed "done" at the end of it and moved on to the next hotfix. My question for you is that some of the applied hotfixes showed "error 1603" when it was done. Now I did a brain fart, I had the system restart when it was done, so the "error 1603" could have been "1403". Sorry about that, I should have written it down to be more accurate. My attention to detail and old age is getting to me.... Thanks again, Socom18e out.............