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  1. When you have a Category of items that have more then 28 items in it, 29+ items requires a second column or more to display, the first column shifts to the right leaving a blank first column. If you have 4 display columns selected you will only display 3 columns on the first page with the first column blank in this error situation, the second page will display 4 columns. If the first column has 28 items or less for a given Category you can have a 29+ item Category after it and all is good. I've tried this in a clean WPI 6.2 environment using just a 53 item Category and a 3 column display format and I still get the first column blank with two columns of items following. This seems to be a problem with WPI and not my config.js file as I've done many tests with this thinking I had something wrong in my config file. I tried to add all code to this thread but it must be too much as the thread blanked out so I have added an attachment with my config files. This file has the Puzzles first which is 53 items and will show the problem occuring. This is a full 4 column 2 page display config. config_column1_problem.js This is the above config with Breakout first and problem goes away. config_works.js This file is just Puzzles with no other crap but will still display the problem. puzzle.js Finally here is the useroptions file which really isn't necessary since I can copy my Puzzles config or anything else bigger then 28 items and the problems shows up. useroptions.js WPIScripts.rar
  2. This may or may not help you, but probably will though, by disabling MS's AUC protection. This will stop most nags Vista is plagued with and will allow you to gain full admin rights when you need them so it is a good idea to do this no matter what. I could not install AvantBrowser as my default browser without doing this, and 3rd party anti-virus/firewalls can have issues when this is on. You also won't get nags when installing SFX and other files. Bottom line is MS shouldn't have this turned on by default and really shouldn't even use it as it only confuses people of less experience and prevents some programs from properly running or installing. Way to go Microsquish… How to get there: ....Control Panel ..............User Accounts .......................Turn User Account Control on or off ......................................(uncheck the box for) ......................................User User Account Control (AUC) to help protect your computer This will only help you for test purposes but for using it day to day I'm not sure if there is a switch to handle it on the fly, but I would think there is.
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