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  1. removing units and then feeding the INSTAPP="ALL" switch is crazy if you think of it, prety sure it will cause strangeness, ie: remove photosnap, but all ure picture extentsion get overtaken by shotosnap, or missing apps in the autoplay pannel etc.
  2. Lolol what? edit:ok finaly got nero 8 working via runonceex, at runonceex,i called the autoit script from a folder instaed of an sfx,and its called directly to the .exe not via cmd.and also,all is being installed from the disc.
  3. ill be trying an other way to install nero witht he script, instead of pakign the works in a sfx, ill leave all files ina folder and run the install from there on the disc,my guess is in a sfx,the temp files get deleted..so thtas prolly why teh script wasint finding the required files to finish setup,but ill launch it via a cmd file, i should launch it directly from the autoit script but i have some custom things that i want with my nero install,if it dosent work,ill try directly form the compiled autoit exe.if it still dosent work,i think adding support to search optical drives for the said file to finishup might be required.....
  4. when is ure installer called,@t12-t13 or at runonceex?
  5. thing is im running the setup from my dvd drive..i guess thtas why.
  6. im having problems witht eh script, can u explain how and where does the script look for its self when adding to runonce, as im having trouble ,i get an error that the startup app isisnt found.

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