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  1. i installed the netsetup.exe from my XP machine on the win 98SE machine and no go. i dont think i need to install a 60 MB monster on the 98SE machine. was *hoping* for a tweak to get these two PCs talking to eachother Please, somebody H-E-L-P ... SOS ...
  2. hi i have two machines, one a PC with Win 98 and the other with XP pro sp2 if i use the network cable and hardwire directly into another Win 98 machine the two computers will talk to each other. however, when i hardwire my win 98 PC with my XP pro SP2 machine, i get the 'limited or no connectivity' error. i have a massive amount of files i want to move to the XP pro machine, and i want to get this via a network connection. but the two computers are not talking to each other. can anyone help me out here? this really drives me nuts. you'd think XP pro SP2 would be 'smart' enough to know what the deal is and start a 'conversation' with the other PC without any hassle, but alas tis is not the case
  3. hi I am really stumped by something and was hoping to find out. OK, i start fresh with a completely cleared out index.dat file, no entires etc. and now i sign on to any web page using IE6+. The next thing i do, after the page finally loads (have successfully logged in), is look at the Privacy Report: just for an example, there will be 4 links showing in the Privacy Report window, and one of them will read (sans the 'http://'): thesite.com/en-us/3454/page.aspx?suite=4&version=20 but when looking at the cache file viz the index.dat file you'll see the same link represented as: thesite.com/en-us/3454/page.htm in my case, all i want to do is copy the links from the cache folder to a text file. it is trouble enough to get the links from the index.dat file into a text file, but unfortunately the links in the index.dat file are incomplete. when i visit a site i am most interested in getting the links that show up in the privacy report window copied into a text file, but after a lot of looking i still can't find where the links that are found in the Privacy report are stored. anyone else aware of this discrepency? if you know anything about this please post a reply. thanks

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