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  1. Guys help me out. How can i make my theme service enabled during the first boot ? I have to enable it manually to use the unsigned themes. I am using patched UXTHEME.DL_ and SFC_OS.DL_ which are patched by NLITE 1.3 Final. But still theme service is not enabled.
  2. No luck mate still the theme service is disabled. Could you upload the patched uxtheme.dl_ for XP SP2 with Hotfixes installed?
  3. I have successfully created a working XP but the theme service is not enabled at first boot and i have to enable it from services. I have already patched the UXTHEME.DL_ and SFC_OS.DL_. What could be the problem.... I found these values in NLITE.INF. Can this be the problem... HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Themes","Start",0x00010021,2 How could i enable it automatically when windows completes install ?
  4. Nice one. Anything almost similar to Vista Motion Desktop.
  5. Hi rajesh.kumar i tried your idea and it worked. I have another question mate and the question is "if i integrate the service pack and hotfix through NLITE then the Size of the source disk is under 600MB but if i integrate it manually it exceeds to around 800MB why is it so?" Also if i integrate using NLITE then will i be able to use the VTP shell32 and explorer without any problem????
  6. Thanks Mate will try it and post the result. THANKS FOR THE REPLY.
  7. Finally i created a working XP without VTP (Vista Transformation Pack). But the thing is i used the shell32.dll and xpsp2res.dll from VTP in my XP CD by using modifype and cabbed it and copied it to my i386 folder but after installation completes it doesnt show the Vista icons but instead shows the usual XP icons and am confused about the location from where it got installed...... Could someone brief me out. :blink:
  8. Now i am gonna try without using any software like manually integrate service pack, Hotfixes etc. But i need to know how to remove the unwanted languages manually????
  9. Ok will try it and post the result tommorow. WISH ME LUCK and thanks for the reply mate. No luck mate same problem again and again.... Is there any Application similar to NLITE to create an Unattended XP.
  10. Ok will try it and post the result tommorow. WISH ME LUCK and thanks for the reply mate.
  11. 1) Well i got a XP Setup disk with a no service pack. I copied the setup content to my HDD and used the NLITE 1.3 Final to integrate the service packs and Hotfixes and also used the option in it to reduce the size of the disk by removing some languages, Tour, Windows Messanger, MSN Explorer. I DID NOT INTEGRATE ANY DRIVERS. 2) Next i used the unattended Section to enter the details for winnt.sif and inserted a unsigned theme (VistaCG Theme). From the OPTION section i Patched the UXTHEME.dll, SFC_OS and TCPIP.SY_ (Patched to 100 connections) using NLITE itself. 3) I used the Tweaks section to add tweaks like reduce menu display time, Tweaked IE to accept 10 connections, Remove some items from start menu etc... 4) I then used the Vista transformation patch to the NLITED XP. i used the system file transform option in it. Finally made a XP BOOTABLE and checked it in VM WARE and it installed successfully but when i checked it in my PC the installation Hanged during the installing Devices Screen.
  12. Hello friends i made an unattended installation using NLITE 1.3 Final. I used winntbbuED to edit the billboards and Reshacker to edit msgina.dll. Then used the options in NLITE to tweak my Unattended XP. I tested the unattended using VM Ware 5.5.3 and it installed fine and so i planned to install in my own PC but the installation hangs during the Installing Devices and nothing happens after that. I used the modifype to check the logonui.exe and made a cabbed version of the modified logonui and I also patched the uxtheme.dll and SFC_OC.dll using NLITE. Can there be any problem with the NLITE.INF or WINNT.SIF. Does anyone had any similar problem????
  13. Which file contains these XML, HTML and JPG in an Unattended XP SETUP CD.
  14. Download try this one BETA software (.Netfx 2.0 Needed) Cant use right click on desktop while the video is playing.... Any other similar application????
  15. Which dll should be edited to change this screen....
  16. Am not asking about using Gif or other image format but about using a motion desktop as in VISTA... Is it possible to use something like that in XP.
  17. Is it possible to create an unattended XP with motion desktop like in Vista.... If so post the details and the procedure to do it.
  18. I successfully created an unattended XP with SP2 and the Hotfixes. but i have one problem that i cant rectify is that i cant enable the theme service by default. I am using a patched UXTHEME.dll file only but still after i install my Unattended XP, i have to enable it manually every time to use the theme service. I even tried it enabling through a registry tweak from cmdline.txt theme.reg Placed in folder $$ Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Themes] "Start"=dword:00000002 cmdline.txt Placed in folder $$ [Commands] "REGEDIT /S theme.reg" My winnt.sif file looks like this. [Data] AutomaticUpdates="Yes" Autopartition=0 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" [Unattended] UnattendMode=DefaultHide OemPreinstall=Yes OemSkipEula=Yes FileSystem=* WaitForReboot="No" NoWaitAfterTextMode=1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode=1 NonDriverSigningPolicy=Ignore Repartition=No [Display] Xresolution=1024 Yresolution=768 BitsPerPel=32 [SystemRestore] MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk=10 RestorePointLife=10 [GuiUnattended] TimeZone=190 OEMSkipRegional=1 OemSkipWelcome=1 AdminPassword=* [Shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile="%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\VistaCG.theme" [Components] Iis_common=On Iis_inetmgr=On Iis_nntp=On Iis_smtp=On Iis_webadmin=On Iis_webdav=On Iis_www=On Iis_asp=On [UserData] ProductKey="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" ComputerName="FORDAC" FullName="POWER USER" OrgName="HOME" [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1,2,7,8,9,10,11,13 SystemLocale="0409" UserLocale="0409" UserLocale_DefaultUser="0409" InputLocale="0409:00000409" InputLocale_DefaultUser="0409:00000409" Language=00000409 [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents="Yes" [Identification] JoinWorkgroup I used the Patched UXTHEME.DL_ from this link : http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/67/ I tried both patched UXTHEME.DL_ Windows XP SP2 and Windows XP SP2 with KB319740. ALSO I NEED TO KNOW WHICH PATCHED UXTHEME.DL_ SHOULD I USE TO RECTIFY THIS PROBLEM. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE I WENT WRONG AND CORRECT ME. :wacko:
  19. Is there any of the modified files that could be uploaded here. Also can you post the screenshots....
  20. I am making an unattended XP but i dont know which file to edit to change looks of the shutdown menu. How do i change it.................
  21. Hi friends....I created an unattended xp using Nlite. I followed the steps from this board to edit the bootscreen and billboards but after creating the image of the setup disk i tried to install it in Microsoft virtual PC 2007 but the installation hangs during the "INSTALLING DEVICES" screen and there is no response after that.... Could someone help me and tell me where i went wrong. THIS IS MY WINNT.SIF file settings
  22. Guys i made an unattended xp CD with Nlite OS and while testing with my Virtual PC i receive the following error Can anyone tell me the cause of this error and how to overcome this....

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