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  1. well, i only gots 128 mb ram... that really sucks a lot
  2. I bought a computer that is the brand Compaq. It came with windows XP and System Recovery CDs, 5 of them. I have no windows xp cd, only the System Recovery CDs, but it seems very different from the windows xp cd. I was wondering if i can use this with nLite? Each CD has a file call "MASTER.LOG", a folder call "i368", and another folder call "PRELOAD". The file MASTER.LOG seems to have same contents in each CD except the 5th one. In the PRELOAD folder, all of the CD has some files that are the same in size and name, but also some differences. All I can think of was to take all files in each CD and put them into one folder. Will this method work? All I am afraid of is the file "MASTER.LOG" and folder "PRELOAD". Thanx (the compaq recovery CD installs a whole loads of crap, i mean alot... thats why i hate it so much)

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