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  1. ok, now i tried whit 6000 bulid and it all went fine through slimming and installing. thanks.
  2. thanks nuhi for nlite and vlite! you are really doing a great job! i have a minor issue whit vlite. it popups the "missing registry file, report if unexpected" window, at the "scan of source files" and in the middle of "applying settings". then the error reporting window from "vista" popup and the vlite closes after i clik "dont send". is this because i use 6.0.5600 build? thank you all and have a good day.
  3. nuhi and friends, thanks for bringing this great app. i use it for last 6 months or so. i use only XUpdatePack from udp.xable.net and Ryan's DX9 addon. i remove only fancy|extra stuff, and apps i dont use. i have few questions. -what is the advantage of merging driver|sp2 cab into driver cab? -what happens whit update from update pack (like XUpdatePack) when is executed via nlite which is for windows messenger 4.7 or hyper terminal for example, but you selected those apps for removal? -if you select wmp9 for removal and leave shell media handler, then nlite removes handler too (or is it hidden|disabled somewhere in windows)? is that the case whit all dependant things? is there any external shell media handler to install? i hope someone give me any directions for answers. thanks and have a nice day you all.
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