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    product code

    Thanks for all of your replies everyone..makes it a bit clearer as for the fact thats its a second hand copy....well im sure mr gates won't lose any sleep over it
  2. philly

    product code

    As for the product key, it matters what ver of XP it's for and where it came from. its xp home, it was given to me by a friend, and its a genuine version
  3. philly

    product code

    As regards a product Key for an OS system such as XP.......is there a limit to the amount of times it can be used??
  4. i can't im on dial up
  5. hi all Just tried to install sp2 for xp onto my pc from a cd, but i keep getting a message about after a minute saying "corrupt file found>> extraction to directory failed" and it stops in its tracks. So is the corrupt file on my pc or on the disc?? Phil.
  6. Hello... I just got a copy of windows xp home upgrade from my neighbour. He said that the product code is still valid but the activation code isn't. He said that to get a new activation code all i have to do is email or call microsoft to get a new code........is that really the case i taught microsoft were strict about that sort of thing?? Does anyone know if there's a way around this?? Phil.
  7. I also have the plug in....."revolutions 98" installed on my pc. Will that cause complications when i do an upgrade to xp??
  8. hello again... The fact that i have revolutions 98 installed on my pc, will that cause complications if i ever do an upgrade to windows xp??
  9. no these are programs that were pre-installed on my pc, which i bought secondhand. These programs are...Dreamweaver, Flash and Adobe Photoshop.
  10. so i take it what you guys are basically saying is......theres no guarantee that the programs will work if i do an upgrade B)
  11. Hello.... I have win98se on my pc, i would like to upgrade to xp. The only thing is i have lots of graphics programs (flash, dreamweaver etc)on my pc which i would like to keep, but i haven't got the cds for them. So if i do a upgrade to xp will the programs remain in place??
  12. Surely they're must be someway i can get revolutions off my system??
  13. But the other guys said if i install rp7 it will replace/repair rp3.6, and hence uninstalling would be safe.
  14. ok im able to reboot now ....so how do i uninstall revolutions safely?? can't find it in add/remove
  15. can i have that step by step in PLAIN english please ......i'm a novice don't forget
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