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  1. Hi, i was so anxious to see how Vista Ultimate works that i have locked myself out as administrator and cant get it back. I went to management and to usergroups, user control...played with all sort of opions and now i "managed" my computer very well I m set now as standaard user and the user control is on, so the computer doesnt allow me to go back to adminitrator, i cant make any update or download because i need the adminitrator to allow so. I m totally stucked now, going back to system restore doest work:needs the approval of the adminitrator too. In Holland the Vista is new, no one has the experience to help me out. Do i need to buy another Vista, when i install another version, would that delete my documents and so on? The administrator had no password set, so in the windows that pop up, i also cant put a pasword to log in. I did a good job, when i try to put the command "run as administrator" i get the message that the computer doesnt recongize the word RUN, so that doesnt work either. Is Vista unlockable??? Anyone who has been there?? Thanks, Ultimately stupid Deirdre

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