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  1. Thanks for your reply, steven4554 Where did you get this addon? Just to check possible updated versions in the future...
  2. Hi all! Before doing anything wrong I'd like to know if IE8 included in the latest WinXP SP3 FR update list (2010-01-22) can be used with nLite or not. As I only use nLite + WUD in order to create "clean" up to date WinXP SP3 FR installation CDs so that I don't need to download plenty of updates after each Windows installations I wondered if IE8 could be finally integrated. Thanks in advance!
  3. How to know if a hotfix is obsolete (replaced)?

    Thanks to you both Nuhi, I've used the method you described and it works fine. It's really what I was looking for. Thanks again. By the way, congratulations for your marvelous nLite!
  4. Nlite : strange behavior services

    Essaie en laissant nLite en Anglais (par défaut) et en créant un nouveau fichier de session nLite (aka Dernière session...). J'ai résolu bcp de problèmes en faisant ainsi.
  5. Hi all! Everything is in the topic title : I'm looking for a tool, a website, or any other way to know which WinXP SP2 hotfixes are outdated, obsolete, replaced ... without having to read every Microsoft security bulletins and knowledge articles :-) I'm looking for such lists or tools so that I wouldn't integrate osbolete hotfixes ESPECIALLY when I want to integrate IE7 and WMP1 at first and then all the hotfixes. I don't want to overwrite IE7 and MP11 with old files. In this way I would like to know which are the hotfixes not to integrate so that I don't corrupt IE7/MP11. Thanks in advance
  6. Thank you very very much boooggy! BTW do you know a way to detect obsolete hotfixes ... or sth like a tool which marks them like "out of date"? or a website... Thanks again
  7. Hi all! I would like to integrate WMP11 and IE7 with nLite before all the hotfixes (dropping out of date IE6/WMP9/WMP10/... hotfixes). In order to do this, I should know if the following hotfixes should/must also be removed... or if I have to integrate them before WMP11 and IE7 (what I dislike knowing that I'd like to integrate WMP11 and IE7 at first) . Windows Media Player 11 KB923689 KB917734 KB891122 Internet Explorer 7 KB917344 ... or if you have any other idea or advice Thanks in advance
  8. Setup fails to start

    Still have any problems with the final version of nLite ( ? Mines are fixed with this new version
  9. Hi everyone! I've just created a slipstreaming of Office 2003 Pro, including SP2 and post Hotfixes. To do that, I have to perform an administrative installation. That means that I had to type my personal serial number. I would like to know if it's possible to remove my personal product key from the "new" installer so that friends of mine could use my installer with their serials. In another words, I would like the installation wizard to ask a serial number, as the original non-slipstreamed wizard used to do. I've already tried out with PIDKEY with a wrong value and without value... it doesn't work. It always uses my personal key, even if I delete the registration values in the registry... Any idea? Thanks in advance!
  10. Setup fails to start

    mmm Try this way : Keep "Manual Install and Upgrade" in components D:\Nlite Addons\ie7.cab D:\John's Programs\IE7-KB928090-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe -> The second one isn't enough? Using these both files together seems dangerous. Though I wonder if IE7 integration is not my problem... Try first without these both IE files integration... If it doesn't work try without any hotfixes at all (esp. without all your non-hotfixes like CloneDVD, Adobe Reader, etc)... Don't you have any error message while rendering with nLite?
  11. Setup fails to start

    Very strange, indeed... Post your nLite *.ini file here so that I can check with mine
  12. Setup fails to start

    Strange! I have (almost?) the same problem! However I first have a problem during the integration of the default Windows theme (while rendering with nLite) In which language is your copy fo Windows? Mine is not English, but French... Here's a message I wrote a month ago: (...) I've just tested the last version of nLite (1.3 RC2 in french) and I have this problem (which I didn't have before with older versions of nLite) : 1) when launching the integration of hotfixes, packs and themes, I get this error message "error while reading theme: Style Windows XP". "Style Windows XP" is the default style used in Windows :-/ I'm using Windows XP Pro (integrating SP2) in french. I've tried starting the whole process again and again... 2) during installation of Windows with this new generated CD, it goes in boot loops after copying the files on the hard drive (so, after the blue screen)... (...)