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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    It worked I just had to add the driver as text, and it asked me if I want to add also SATA_IDE. I confirmed, burned CD, booted and ... no BSOD, no "disk failure" errors, no reboots, that was beautiful clean install. Thank you very very much, yay I am sooo happy!!!11one!!eleven1337!!!!!
  2. Annoying bug with Start Menu

    Isn't the file or folder that takes care of start menu just flagged as readonly in filesystem?
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    a ) Yes, those windows were running several days without problem. Until I decided that when I bought dualcore, I want to actually see both of them and broke windows b ) Yes, I can boot partition magic or slackware install floppies just fine Good, thank you. Got 4.84 BIOS version. 300.000 users got problems with nvraid too? Ewww ... shouldn't nvidia start thinking about some re-edition of those drivers? Allrighty, I will make the CD and then report how it works. Won't be probably immediately, if not during this week, then weekend hopefully when I find some more spare time.
  4. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hello, I stumbled upon this wonderful thread when trying to google some help with my installation. I have following configuration: ASUS A8N-E mobo, nForce4 Ultra chipset, with latest (1.13) BIOS, forgot to write down nvraid version as I am at work now AMD A64 x2 4600+ CPU Some Asus 7600GT GFX Apacer memory module 1GB (tested OK with memtest) 2x Seagate Barracuda 120GB 7200 RPM, sata 1 in RAID0 (stripe) So far the story: Last summer I bought it, put it together, and tried to install Windows XP Pro 32bit SP2 edition. Created new array, and proceeded with installation. Back then I had 1.12 BIOS and 3000+ single core Athlon 64. After few trial-error attempts I managed to successfully partition and install windows XP on striped disks. Howerer, I found that ONLY with drivers provided on installation CD ... cannot remember correct version now, will edit and fill in later. Other drivers I downloaded, unpacked and put on diskette did not work: If I was not getting BSOD prior to partition select, then I got error stating "Cannot read disk or CD, may be damaged ... insert vendor disk labeled so-and-so and press enter to continue" when it started to copy actual files from WXP cd. Then I got dualcore, played with some HAL seatings resulting in need to reinstall windows XP Yestersay I tried it ... well several times ... whole afternoon and evening. I created various floppies, made sure they are OK few times etc. Still got the same message stating "cannot read from disk or CD" when windows start to copy files on hard drive. Tried different version of XP (from mom's computer with integrated slovak MUI pack), tried 6.53 6.65 6.66 6.70 6.86 nvidia drivers, supplied either from nvidia download ssection or ASUS dowload site. Plus the original drivers from CD I used successfully first time, are not working too. Tried "hacks" with txtsetup.oem, putting nvatabus.inf to that diskette ... no success so far Atop of that I would like to keep current raid intact, it's not funny to loose 180 GB of data again ... no big damage, but it would take ages to retrieve it from backups and various other computers. Final questions: Do you think going through process of nLiting the install disk with drivers, possibly several variations as I follow this thread, would lead to success? I am starting to be pesimistic when not even one attempt I did yesterday led to success ... Is anybody here that successfully installed WXP this way on A8N-E board with raid0 already created? Are there any special things I should pay attention to? (check versions - 6.86 is said is not working, + will need to get the nvraid bios revision) Little note: modified CD would actually help me ... I did not figure out yet how to press F5 for HAL options (I want select ACPI multiprocessor) and F6 to install custom drivers simultaneosly Thank you very mcuh.