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  1. I would appreciate getting solution from Microsoft or fellow members of this forum on 'Diagnostic Service Policy Not Running'. This Automatically running service shows status stopped and when you try to start it manually it says it 'Error 5: Access Denied'. That just it - and with the above problem NOTHING works regarding Internet browsing through wireless or wired connection. Somebody please come to my rescue. Kalu Ota
  2. Dear Ceez I am please to have this opportunity I am using rigth now to attend to your question - please check out the following URL and do not hesitate to let me know if you are not satisfied with what it has to offer- http://www.tutorialguide.net/operating_systems/linux/. The above URL gives you options on the best LINUX tutorials and even more. Much love! Kalu Ota
  3. Hi Fellows I need someone to please help me solve this problem that is trying to strangle me to death. I have a PIII Desktop which OS got corrupt. I confirmed the the PC's CD-Rom Drive and the WinXP OS CD I tried using to correct the corrupt OS were all in perfect shape as I was able to successfully set another PC UP with them. The issue with this particular PIII PC is that every time I try to access the CD it gives me Code-5 error instead of prompting me to hit enter key in order to boot from CD. I have tried this severally and still gets the same result. Some time in the past when I had such problem with the same PC I succeeded in solving the problem by removing its CMOS Battery as well as CMOS Jumper and fixing them back but this has refused to work again. Do I need to re-set the board or do a different thing? If yes please tell me how. Please help me by providing me with a parmanent solution to this problem so that I would not have to be confronted by this problem again and even if such problem reoccurs it would not cause me sleepless night. I pray someone in the house helps me out of this mess I have found myself in. Thanks in anticipation. Kalu (member)
  4. Hi Forum Members First of all I thank Microsoft for this wonderful opportunity. I encountered a problem in the process of trying to format my PC. I actually set boot sequence for the PC to boot from a bootable XP CD in a confirmed good CD Rom drive. But all I got on two different CDs I tried it was CANNOT BOOT FROM CD:CODE 5. This is truely piecing! Please help out by stating the procedure I should take in order to solve this problem. kaluota

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