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  1. I find that my nLite version of XP produces an odd result with my system tray icon bubbles. When I hold my mouse over my nVidia logo or Gmail notifier it shows the bubble but behind the taskbar. I find that this only happens with my nLite version. I have tried various remedies, e.g., made sure taskbar was set to be in front of all windows, etc., but I am still having no luck. I know that this is not the end of the world, but it would be nice to see my date or the status of my updates. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Orsic
  2. Orsic

    Yet Again.

    For the last hour I have been reading numerous threads about the issue of WFP. Despite all the effort apparent on previous threads, I was unable to get the answer I needed. Perhaps I am being too demanding, but is there an easy way to have WFP/SFC enabled and not have the WFP window pop up? Though I fancy myself somewhat gifted in the art of computers, I am not a code poet and when I see threads with tons of code I get scared. All I would like is a simple solution. Can anyone help me? If it makes any difference, I am using nLite 1.3 RC 2. Thank you. Orsic

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