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  1. Hello all, I am trying to add the East Asian Language pack to a PC that was built with an NLited CD ( I removed support for other languages). When following the standard steps for adding support for the East Asian Languages it appears to work correctly but when you go to the Reagions and Languages control panel applet, and switch to Chineese (PRC) the symbols for time date and currance are displaied as boxes. The funny thing is one laptop that was build with the same CD works fine, the only diffrence is that this laptop also asked for some other files that were in the driver.cab (of a vanilla XP CD). Is there a way to add in the needed files so I can resolve this issue? Thank you in advance Bill
  2. billmn

    No Harddisk

    Nuhi, Yes I know what Text mode drivers are, I have been building corperate images for 5+ years. I have tried both ways 1. intergrating the text mode drivers and 2. not intergrating the text mode drivers, and both ways when launching the OS install from an Nlited disk, it finds the HDD so I can partition etc but when it attempts to load any files to the drive it fails with the error of can not load IAStor.sys I then take the exact same drivers (on floppy) and put in a vanilla XP cd and hit F6 (drivers are not intergrated into the vanilla CD) and it works 100% perfectly. I have used both methods in the past with NLited disks with no issues. Bill
  3. billmn

    1.3 rc2 bug?

    Thank you for the reply Nuhi, but that is not the issue of my problem. I had intergrated the driver via NLite and had the same issue (without pressing F6) and I have the same issue if I do not intergrate the driver and use a floppy and press F6. There is another post in the forum named "No hard disk" http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=93036 that the user is having the exact same issue (I post a reply on that thread also). Bill
  4. billmn

    No Harddisk

    I am having the same issue. I am running a Dell Precision 390 with Intel Matrix Storage controler adn SATA drives. I can use a standard non nlited CD with the same floppy to load teh sata drivers and it works great, but when I put in an nlite CD it loads and lets me set up the hard drive partition but then when attempting to load files to teh drive it says it can't load IAStore.sys
  5. billmn

    1.3 rc2 bug?

    Hello, I am building an Nlite image for a Dell Precision 390 and running into an issue. I have built an NLited image (with very little stripped out) and when loading the Intel Storage Matrix driver (by pressing F6 during cd load) it loads and sees the drive and lets me format partition etc, but when Windows starts to load files to the hard drive the process errors out stating that it can not find the IAstore.sys file. I can take the exact same floppy disk and a standard XP cd (the same one I used to start the NLite process) and install Windows with no problems on the exact same machine. I have tried intergrating the drivers to the NLite disk also and it has the same issue. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? Thank you in advance Bill I have attached the last session ini files also

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