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  1. Hi Maximum-Decim. Thank you for the new version. I second what Jonazz wrote a couple of posts earlier. A .sed file would be really nice for the new version, so it is possible to compile versions with other languages. Please!, Cause I'm looking forward to try a newer and even better version than Nusb221da.
  2. @Jonazz Well couldn't wait, so i found another computer with win98se. The danish version 2.21 did work on both my usb-flashdrives, but not my usb-harddrive (not so important). So pretty great! - I was wondering, if it is possible just to overwrite the language dependent files in version nusb24e with the ones from the nusb2.21dk you send be? (by fx. using winrar) - Or, is it possible to install the the nusb24e and just skip the files, that the install process is warning about, not being the correct language. Anyways.. Thank you for the danish file. I'm looking forward to implement it on my schools computers, and hope most of the pupils/theaters usb-flash devices works. (Btw.. if you do get the new version compiled with the danish files, i would be grateful for a copy of that version to)
  3. Thank you for the upload. I will give it a try when i get back to work next week. We have some old machines with win98 at the school where I work, in which it would be nice for the pupils to have the option to use usb devices.
  4. @Jonazz. I have been looking for a danish version of NUSB for quite some time. Have you successfully compiled a danish version of NUSB? If you have, i would be very glad if you somehow could upload the file or email it to me. It doesn't need to be version 2.4 if you haven't been able to get the files needed yet. / mvittrup
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