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  1. On IE7 it works only after I replaced LOCAL_MACHINE with CURRENT_USER. Thanks!
  2. To make a bootable CD using Nero it is not enough just to choose that option in the nero config tab. You also need the proper bootfiles.zip to be downloaded (bootfiles.zip), extracted and reffered. If you just let that field blank, that's the reason you overwrote the nLite boot files with none. Here is a tutorial I've tested years ago and still working: http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=297 As for Burning bootable Media with nLite, it only failed once for me, but then I closed, reopened the nLite, didn't load the last session (because I didn't want to touch the UA files already in the folder) and I burned again - it worked with no problem. So there are a few tips it might help: set your writer's speed to 8x (check again if you say you did so), try not to handle the drive while in process and also reduce the memory/processor loading with extra operations. Ciprian.
  3. Thank you both of you. I had to work two more nigths to have it work. Of course I used a corporate serial over a retail cd. I succeded to recover my old cd content with totalcopy, replacing the erroneous files (from scratches) with ones from a backup cd (scratched as well) or from another retail cd. It finally worked as a charm. So thank you. Now I have to rebuild my UA because the previous try it had an awfull outcome: it removed most of the shortcuts in the start menu, it didn't actually apply the Ryan's update pack, I don't know why. I will start it from scratch. I know you guys did a wonderful jub and all these how to's and software you released should work as they work for most of you, so it is just about our skills and patience (the newbies). So thank you again for your tremendous work. Ciprian
  4. I searched but the results were null, so I don't know if this issue has ever been addressed. If so please move the topic to its place. I created un unattended DVD (790Mb) being the first one for me. Everything run smoothely, except it won't take any serial. Not my bought one, nor those available on the net. I included my serial in the WINNT.SIF, hoping that it will not ask for me for serial everytime. But now it doesn't accept any serial. I use RVM integrator as a first step and finalized/fine tuned the iso with nLite. Does anyone have a solution for this? How do I fix/skip this step? (my original CD has been scratched so I needed an alternative, but now I just sit and wait with my computer sleepin'. What can I do?) Thanks! Here is my WINNT.SIF content, except for the license, of course
  5. It's ok, but reformulate the NOTE or remove it, otherwise it makes people think it should be there somewhere... I would say: NOTE: to register, find an apropriate everest.key file and add it in the SFX File (we don't provide such a file!) Thank you for you reply.
  6. Hi again! Am I blind or there is no visible link for download the lite add-on? Please enlight me... PS: I've ever used Nero ImageDisk. Why did you remove it? I think it's great...
  7. Hello! This is my first post so I would like to thank you all for your job. Great site! I searched before I ask, but couldn't find... the everest.key, as written on the download page: http://www.nliteos.com/addons/#40 Everest Ultimate Publisher: Website Version: 3.50.761 License: Limited Features Credit: Weed Size: 7,65MB Download NOTE: to register, add the everest.key file in the SFX File I looked into the download package but it's not there. Any other place to look for it? Thank you again!

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