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  1. @jaclaz Well done and thanks for the spreadsheet... I guess your batch file will probably be even more useful in the future. I also noticed that link, and usb.if reminded me of a .csv file, too. But I had no clue, why "1516" was untraceable in it, so I regarded it as useless due to its mysterious format . Today I had a conversation with CnMemory's support. I thought it would perhaps be useful for Maximus' NUSB, if I could figure out the PIDs of the other three Skymedi/CnMemory USB sticks (512MB, 2GB, 4GB), so the whole "Core" product line could be supported by NUSB, not only the 1GB version. The employee I had on the phone claimed that he had successfully tested all four "Core" sticks (512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB) in conjunction with Windows 98 SE and NUSB24/NUSB30... As I confirmed, that it had not worked for me, he said it would sometimes also depend on ones USB controller, respectively its driver. I cannot deny that, since I am still using an old VIA USB 1.1 Controller (+VIA Hyperion 4.47 +USB 1.1 Filter Patch 1.10 and otherwise it is working fine). But he also told that CnMemory's "Core" sticks are inconsistently equipped with chips from three different manufacturers . What a mess . That means the sticks he had tested might possibly be essentially different from mine, although all belong to the same product line. So no conclusion is possible at all. I don't want to test the latest VIA Hyperion Drivers, since VIA themselves do not recommend them for Windows 98 machines and older chipsets ( http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageI...&CatID=1110 ). Also, I actually don't need a USB 2.0 controller at the moment (except for testing). So if here is somebody, who has a stick with a VID_1516 and a PID_8628 (can be found within Win 98 SE's registry, after it was once successfully attached) and had it working with Windows 98 SE and NUSB24 (or prior) without any additional entries in usbstor.inf: SHOUT. These sticks are most likely concerned: 1) CnMemory "Core" line, 2) ValGear "GXT" line. Pirates
  2. @jaclaz Thanks for all the information. The USB ID Database under http://listing.driveragent.com/usb/ is probably out of date. There is a very recent version in a German pdf, which is available for download at http://www.kilonca.de/download/DeviceGuard_Handbuch_de.pdf View pages 37-43. "VID_1516" can be found on page 42 - and, yes, you were right, it actually is "Skymedi Corporation"! So the corresponding entries in USBSTOR.INF should be: [Manufacturer] %Skymedi.Mfg%=Skymedi [skymedi] %USB\VID_1516&PID_8628.DeviceDesc%=USBSTOR_BULK,USB\VID_1516&PID_8628 [strings] Skymedi.Mfg="Skymedi" USB\VID_1516&PID_8628.DeviceDesc="Skymedi USB Mass Storage Drive" I suppose only the controller is made by Skymedi. Only a few hours ago I read that their controllers do not support as many third party memory chips (Samsung, etc.) as many others. And I found a posting by somebody, whose "VID_1516" USB stick does not work under Linux. My impression is that Skymedi is probably rather a low-cost manufacturer. Or they are still exercising, as they have been founded only four years ago... Pirates Edit: I corrected one of the entries above and used Skymedi's denomination ("Skymedi USB Mass Storage Drive").
  3. @jaclaz Thanks for this! Anyway, it is still VERY confusing. Now there are 3 different manufacturers in the game: 1. Skymedi, which seems to be the manufacturer of the chip, 2. Lexar ("VID_05DC"?), 3. ValGear. I get "VID_1516" as the vendor ID-number, so it does not seem to be Lexar? Confused. And in addition the read/write speed of the CnMemory stick seems to be significantly lower than the Skymedi specifications: CnMemory: http://www.cnmemory.de/core.htm Skymedi : http://www.skymedi.com.tw/products/sk6201.htm Pirates
  4. The CnMemory drivers for USB sticks and MP3 players are identical, so there are basically two drivers - one for USB sticks / MP3 players and the other one for cardreaders. Pirates
  5. Hi Maximus Decim and all of you, here is information about a new USB stick, which is not yet supported by nusb24. Recently I bought a 1GB CnMemory Core USB stick at an "Atelco"-Computerstore in Germany (it means these sticks are probably sold in large quantities in Germany). Here it is: http://www.cnmemory.de/core.htm Although this stick does not need a driver with Windows ME, it was not detected by nusb24 under Windows 98 SE. Finally I got it working with nusb24 by adding these entries to USBSTOR.INF: [Manufacturer] %CnMemory.Mfg%=CnMemory [CnMemory] %USB\VID_1516&PID_8628.DeviceDesc%=USBSTOR_BULK,USB\VID_1516&PID_8628 [strings] CnMemory.Mfg="CnMemory" USB\VID_1516&PID_8628.DeviceDesc="Generic USB Flash Disk" CnMemory is actually just a distributor, not a manufacturer, but I do not know, which manufacturer hides behind "VID_1516" and even Google did not help in that matter. These sticks are offered with different capacities (512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB) and the entries above are, of course, only applicable to the 1GB stick (the others will need different PID numbers). CnMemory also offers generic drivers for Windows 98 SE, which support at least all USB storage devices (USB sticks, MP3 players, cardreaders) they have sold since 1998: http://www.cnmemory.de/treiber.htm I used their driver for USB sticks for determination of VID, PID and protocol. By the way, this driver looks quite promising: With the exception of one brand ("VID_0204", view ICUmss.inf), all USB sticks are supported generically. Perhaps this driver (and the other two for MP3 players and cardreaders as well) could be an alternative for those, who have no luck with nusb24. Pirates
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