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  1. Do you have Client for Microsoft Networks installed and working? I recently built a XP64 rig and I had a currupt file during install that broke CfMN and I had similar symptoms. I posted a fix in the Client for Microsoft Networks thread a few down.
  2. I fixed this problem this morning. For anyone else having it, the fix is a currupt localsp.dll file. I got a clean file and copied it to c:\windows\system32 and that cleaned it up.
  3. Sorry to necromancy this but I am having this exact same problem on an XP64 rig I just built. I was wondering if anyone else had run into this problem since October and maybe had a fix. TCPIP works fine, and I can map drives TO the box, but I can't map out, and the Client for Microsoft Networks refuses to install. Also, the related services (workstation, server, computer browser, etc.) do not appear on the services list. I have an Intel DP965LT motherboard, using the built-in ethernet and drivers that Intel provides for XP64. I am using the latest drivers, and have tried removing and readding them but the result is the same. I have all the latest XP64 updates, and even threw on the SP2 RC from MS's site to try to get this working, but to no avail. This is not a unique problem, I found a handful of references to it on Google (including this post) but no real answers. One person claims to have fixed it by fiddling with their NIC drivers (NIC unknown brand) but no details are given.
  4. That's pretty extreme. What's the smallest hard drive they sold even five years ago? 80GB? Did you install say, XP, on an 80GB drive all by itself? That's over 75GB of free space sitting there doing nothing. These days the smallest new drive you can get is what, 160GB or so? You're going to put ONLY an OS on a 160GB drive? ? SATA and RAID are not exclusive.. SATA RAID is just like IDE RAID. You aren't required to have RAID if you have SATA. I just built a rig that doesn't have a SATA RAID controller, just 4 plain ol' SATA ports.

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