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  1. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    Thank you very much. I got it working using the update that you provided to me on the Reboot.pro post. Dan
  2. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    Like I said, I can get the explorer.exe to launch, but only as a file browser, not as the actual shell. (btw - in order to do this, i had to chance the USERPROFILE env var from x:\windows\sytem32\config\systemprofile to x:\Users\default ) When I go into the winlogon reg key and change the SHELL entry from the cmd /k cmd.exe to explorer.exe, then open taskmanager, kill explorer.exe and relaunch it, I see the little blurb about 'Preparing windows ' - Windows update, etc.. (small grey screen at upper right corner), but the actual GUI never launches.
  3. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    I left that step out of my post, but I did go in and get the following keys via regedit (I extracted all files from the Install WIM from the DVD to my HD and then opened regedit. I then File - load Hive and loaded the software hive. I exported the following to reg files) HKLM\Software\Classes HKLM\Sfotware\MS\Windows\Explorer HKLM\Software\MS\Windows NT\\Svchost I then went in, changed the D:\ and the 44,00,... to the right values Next, I mounted my custom build WIM file and imported the reg files. I then unmounted registry hives, unmounted Custom build Wim file, and recreated iso file. do you have to go in and get all of the services to get explorer.exe as shell?
  4. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    Hi Kullenen_Ask I am trying to follow your instructions regarding creating a custom PE disk (win pe 3.0) and getting explorer.exe working but am having a problem with explorer.exe If I change the HKLM\Software\MS\WINNT\CurrentVer\Winlogon\Shell= key to explorer.exe, then type explorer.exe in the command prompt, explorer runs the ie4unit process, and then doesnt initialize the gui. If i change this value to anything else, explorer.exe comes up, but onlly as a file browser, and I dont get any gui. I know that I am missing one small thing, but not sure what. any ideas? Thanks Dan
  5. Windows PE 2005 and XPSP3

    All: I am using WinPE 2005 based off of Windows XP Pro SP2. When you slipstream XP SP3 into the i386 folder of your Install source, WinPE doesnt let you build... anyone know if MS is making an update to PE 2005 to get this to work with XP SP3? Otherwise, I guess I will have to build a plugin for WinPE 1.5 to update to SP3.... not fun... Thanks Dan
  6. FDISK problems

    Hey, I am working on using the multiboot AIO DVD guide to create a multiboot tools disk. I have the DOS boot disk working & launching FDISK from the floppy. I created the image file (.ima) with winimage and add it to the shell, but when it boots up (tried both with memdisk and diskemu) and I try to launch FDISK, I get "No Fixed disks present". When I boot from the floppy directly, it works fine. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. Dan
  7. Smart Card Services

    Here is what I have so far.. any help with this would be appreciated. )) Thanks Dan AC2_Software.txt Ac2_System.txt
  8. Smart Card Services

    Trying to get Smart Card services working... I have it showing up as a service, but it still not functioning.. my reader is visible in device manager, but the cac software is not seeing the reader. Any help would be appreciated.. this is in Win PE 2005 btw. Thanks Dan