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  1. Office 2007, Unattended Setup & Fine-tuning

    Hello everyone. I configured my config.xml file. Now when I launch setup, it takes about 30 seconds for Office to install However when I check in All Programs, Office isn't there. I knew it wasn't installing because the process wouldn't take 30 seconds (+)(-) Is there something I'm doing wrong? Here is a copy of my config.xml file.....please help <Configuration Product="ProPlus"> <!-- Display settings --> <Display Level="Basic" CompletionNotice="yes" SuppressModal="no" AcceptEula="Yes" /> <!-- Specifies the type of logging that Setup performs(Default Settings) --> <Logging Type="verbose" Path="%temp%" Template="Microsoft Office Professional Plus Setup(*).txt" /> <!-- sPECIFY VLK --> <PIDKEY Value="xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx" /> <!-- User name element will not be used <USERNAME Value="Customer" /> --> <!-- Company name --> <COMPANYNAME Value="My Company" /> <!-- Specify fully qulified path of folder on User's computer for installation (Default Settings)--> <INSTALLLOCATION Value="%programfiles%\Microsoft Office" /> <!-- Controls how the local installation source (LIS) is cached on the user's computer (Default Settings) --> <LIS CACHEACTION="CacheOnly" /> <!-- This list of sources is kept with the installed product and is used by Setup if the local installation source (LIS) on the user's computer is missing or corrupted --> <SOURCELIST Value="\\server\Office2007" /> <!-- Specify fully qualified path to network installation point --> <DistributionPoint Location="\\server\Office2007" /> <!-- specify values for Windows Installer properties --> <Setting Id="Reboot" Value="IfNeeded" /> </Configuration>