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About Me

Cool, now we get our own little "about me" pages too? That rules. Wasn't much a fan of that old "recent posts" thing anyway, everything was taken out of context.

Anyway, welcome to me. I am me. I am the physical incarnation of everything cool, for the very fact that I, for the most part, embody my own definition of "cool" and I don't subscribe to anyone else's idea of what is, or isn't, "cool". There are things that are cooler than I, like fighter pilots, or sport bike riders/racers/kickers of the proverbial a**. If anyone believes that those things are not cool, they are wrong. In my own little world. :)

Of course, there are some things that are not just "cool" as defined by my little world, but are just necessary things in life (and anyone that disagrees is incorrect). Like nLite, created by Jesus Christ himself disguised as the MSFN member "nuhi". Go to the nLite forums and worship Nuhi. Then donate.

See that comments box over there? It won't kill you to use it! ------->


Portal is the greatest game on the planet.


Internet memes tend to stay funny long after the general internet-mind has decided they are outlived.


Fighter pilots are the coolest people in the known universe.


The F-16 is the sexiest *ahem* coolest thing ever built by human hands, beating out blow-up dolls *AHEM!!!*...


And Fieros (notably my own) are the coolest cars ever built - if only they weren't made for only 5 years and GM wasn't such a bunch of dicks about it.

By reading this page, you have been blessed with Epic Win. Go spread the love.

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