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  1. Removing Addons

    I've just made a new slipstream disk with nLite. After going through the process as normal and adding a few "Addons", after installing the slipstreamed XP, I've realised I want to remove some of those Addons. Is there a way of doing this without recreating the whole disk? Because I have deleted the original "source". If I load nLite with the previously slipstreamed disk, after it's copied (to make a new "source"), you can remove further Windows components, but I can't see a way of removing the added "Addons".
  2. USB 2 Caddy Problems

    Hi, yes I have and no it doesn't seem to make any difference
  3. USB 2 Caddy Problems

    I've recently began having problems with a SATA - USB caddy to my Laptop. The caddy in question is one of these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/3-5-Serial-ATA-SATA-...oQQcmdZViewItem Sometimes I get "Delayed Write Errors" (in XP), other times the blue light will just go off and any activity will be stopped without any warning - when I take the USB cable out, the light comes back on. I've asked the seller and he thinks its a problem with the HDD itself, with a possible "Bad Sector" - but I'm not convinced. Any help?
  4. Recycle Bin hangs

    Hi, yes it works when the External Drive isn't plugged in. Sonic: Is this deleting the Recycle bin "settings" or doing the equivalent of emptying it? One thing to add is I've partitioned the USB Drive (as well as the internal drive) giving me a hell of alot of drives in My Computer: Thats probably why its slowing down?
  5. Recycle Bin hangs

    I've just hooked up my external USB2 hard-drive, but whenever I "Empty The Recycle Bin", explorer freezes and I generally have to turn the computer off from the wall to restart...
  6. Is there any way of reinstalling services that I have removed from the XP install? I need DHCP Client re-installed, preferably without having to make another slipstream disk Thanks
  7. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    I can confirm Hamachi requires DHCP Service