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  1. Windows PE and Diskpart Issues

    Hi, have a look at http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=30378 \Thomas
  2. Windows Live™ Messenger Invitation Topic

    Hi, Invite to thomas.fraefel@gmail.com would be nice ! Thx to anybody out there... \Thomas
  3. How to make an all-hardware image to restore?

    Translated from soft.netnest.com.cn (no, not by me - babelfish reads simp. chinese quite well :-) : --- cut begin --- Acpi power source management tool final version Software size:179 KB Software language:English Software category:High-quality goods software/free/system enhancement Movement environment:Win9x, NT,2000, XP, Increase time:2004-5-28 7:39:08 Renewal time:2004-5-28 7:39:08 Software increase:Boom2004 Software rating: Member rank:Anonymous user Downloading statistics:Today: 3 weeks: 62 this months: 130 grand total: 10,567 Software synopsis: Final versionacpi(fudan lucian) Very small oh Support completely from definition function Installment attention: 1. The above rar decompression will shrink puts in the c:\sysprep table of contents, will be supposed to have C:\sysprep\acapi.exe C:\sysprep\acapi.reg C:\sysprep\acapi table of contents Readme.txt (installation procedure lower part to explain document) Notice.txt (installation procedure crown transfer document) Devcon.exe (Microsoft provides test hardware actuates procedure) XXXXXXXXXXX.bat (one kind ofacpiinstallation procedure) XXXXXXXXXXX.txt (to this procedure explanation, filename must identically oh) If in XXXXXX.bat contains character default, then this tacitly approves the achievement the installment, ha-ha Reminder: In xxxxxxxxx do not have to contain () such character, the special details I not too am clear Generally deferred to tacitly approves well, if you had to change other languages to be allowed to revise the txt document 2. Moves c:\sysprep\acapi.exe, chooses Stand pc, the installment, withdraws from this procedure (hand regulation also to be possible) 3. Driver stripping (1) revises IDE in the ATA/ATAPI controller first "xxx Controller" is the "standard double channel actuates" (2) under cmd inputs devcon the remove * carriage return, can see all actuates completely to delete (3) this time mouse should be invalid, but the keyboard also could use, therefore you had to meet the keyboard operation oh (4) devcon.exe may find inside mine compression package, this deletes the speed is absolutely quick, ha-ha 4. Will register shows the c:\sysprep\acapi.reg movement, will induct the registration table 5. Carries out sysprep.exe and the wrapped gift, closing machine, reopens uses Ghost to make a picture Note: (1) Ghost uses newest 8.0 edition (2) utilizes orders Ghost -Z9 to start Ghost to be allowed to obtain the highest compression ratio 6. The customer installs when carries on the registration sets up when can disposable move c:\sysprep\acapi.exe, if a minute act automatically installs tacitly approves the option (A.C.P.I<你可以指定的>) The installment finished also has a minute to be allowed to consider the time, may withdraw from this procedure as necessary in this consideration time or other installsa acpiactuation, but also has is installs the prompt is English, installs successfully should see any any successful Climbing reorganizes as follows: Hyne providesinthe acpi solution the biggest progress is no longer through replaces hal.dll to realize revisesthe acpitype, but is uses a devcon procedure directly to revise in hal.inf Hardware ID, then renews corresponding hal.dll again according to Hardware ID, this is the renewal operation which automatically carries on by the system, absolutely cannot appear beats hal.dll by mistake the situation. It can be said that, the devcon order is a key, did not know which master's pioneering work the devcon order is, or Microsoft product? Theoretically, is may be suitable with this method for all 2000/xp/2003 system, because these systems actuation renewal ways should be inherit. The newest 2000/xp/2003 multi-purpose clone makes the method to be supposed to be this step: 1st, the revision computer type is Standard PC. 2nd, revises IDE is the standard double channel. 3rd, execution "devcon remove *" in order deletion system current all hardware. 4th, double-clicksacpireg, joins in runonce carries out acip.exe. 5th, installs the acpi rar routine package according to the hyne explanationwhichhe makes, then moves the sysprep seal system, pays attention to under C:\sysprep the table of contents structure to have to be correct. 6th, uses some kind of clone software to carry on the clone for the system, certainly I or recommend use ghost 8.0. Multi-purpose clone restoration step: 1st, please act according to the orphaned nebula crane to write "Windows2000, XP, 2,003 systems multi-purpose Ghost all captures" (sets goes against in card to have) the center method to have custom-made your sysprep.inf document. 2nd, casually looks for the clone which a machine restores you to make. 3rd, in front of start clone system please front according to sysprep.inf which will need to have custom-made duplicates under the C:\sysprep table of contents, will realize the clone system reto start after the automated installment. Certainly, you also may beforehand have custom-made good sysprep.inf in to make before the clone to put in the C:\sysprep table of contents, after but such system installs also needs to revise information and so on computer name and work team. 4th, in restores the system in the installation process, chooses correctacpi. 5th, the great merit creates, hits Kiss! Moreover, must support the scsi hard disk and so on, so long as before seal, finally joins the following 4 lines of contents in sysprep.ini: [ Sysprep ] BuildMassStorageSection=Yes [ SysprepMassStorage ] Again in sysprep\i386\$oem$ folder newly built text documents cmdlines.txt, content as follows: [ Commands ] "c:\sysprep\sysprep.exe -clean" In deploy.chm is such says, also did not know is good, ha ha... --- cut end --- \Fraefel