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  1. I installed Business Edition, which should have Remote Desktop on it. I do try to set Remote desktop allowance in Control Panel -> System But it alert Missing 'SystemPropertiesRemote.exe'. I think that it has excluded from vlite. Right now I been searching for the file in the Net, still blank for it. It will be nice if you could send me the file, Please! Thank man, Hiim
  2. I've installed vlite0.8 yesterday. And everything seem great for my first Vista tryout, but there are some problem I cannot solve:- 1)There is no Remote Desktop (mstsc.exe) and cannot set Remote Desktop Allowance, as well 2)I cannot access shared folders on others computer in Workgroup. It kepts asking for the password which I entered correctly, but couldn't do it. Can anyone help me with those problem please. hiim

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