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  1. because you "remove" the components so I suppose you don't need the file anyway. The nLite CD is "not expecting" the file to be there. Thank you Ponch Seems to have been a memory issue; replaced bad stick and all is well
  2. I realize this is a bit old but it would be nice to tell us HOW!? I've got the same issue with a new, full install from xppro sp2 retail CD. This file, kodak_dc.icm, does NOT exist on CD! Is this some M$ b$? I can install from nLite source w/out issue but not from original CD -- also tried copied full cd to hdd, diff cd drives etc. This same cd worked in the past and has no visible damage; can be used as nlite source which works fine.
  3. Did you have any previous DF install (even if 'uninstalled') when you tested 4.4? Did you see the 'header art' image in the UI? Did you get any kind of 'Security warning' - 'Run' prompt? Same thing happened for me but can't reproduce this behavior. All other functions of the app seem to work fine other than those mentioned above. kickarse is working on a new update to address these issues and add additional options
  4. AFAIK but haven't fully tested; at times, dbl-clicking the .exe wouldn't produce a ui but I can't reproduce that now. Again, the only way (for others) to test this is if they have never had any earlier version installed. If installing 4.3 or 4.4 they get an image in the ui, then something else is at work here. I test this by restoring my HDD to a point previous to any DF install
  5. Phew! Are you going to re-screenshot for boot-land? Well, we're not out of the woods yet; there seems to something missing in v.4.3 and 4.4 that causes this odd behavior. I have to go back and re-install v.4.1.2 (last version I have before 4.3) to get missing functionality and then 4.3 and 4.4 work fine! Does this make sense to you?
  6. Hi kickarse! Having some issues with 4.4 (possibly download corruption); noticed last night the 'header art' was missing (still pretty but needs a bit of makeup ) Tried new downloads but now .exe corrupted Time for another update? EDIT: Sorry, problem on my end, will have to TS - Ignore above!

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