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  1. Hello for All ! (It is my first post) I collected (maybe) all hotfixes for my slipstreaming XP. Do I have to add KB-files in right order? (from oldest to newest) or nLite do it unaided (I hope that nLite can do it) It isn't easy thing to do it, because number of KB file don't tell us about date publication eg. Windowsxp-kb918118-x86-plk.exe is dated 13 feb 2007 and WindowsXP-KB920213-x86-plk.exe is dated 15 nov 2006 I think that it is very important, cause same new version *.dll from new KB-files may be changed to old version *.dll form old KB-files. PS. Sorry for my English PS2. I Can't use eg. Rayan post update pack cause my XP language is Polish

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