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  1. Hi Boooggy So I've tried both methods you suggested several times, and it doesn't appear to have worked. I slipstreamed with your program with all the kb .exe's and used nlite w/out putting your addon in the hotfixes page. I also tried just using your addon cab in nlite. There should be an orange button if the tweaked version installed correctly right?
  2. Hi Boooggy, I get this error when integrating the x86 tweaked version with all the hotfixes into an xp install with service pack 2: System.InvalidOperationException: The section "ProductInstall.ReplaceFilesIfExist" does not exist! at System.Text.Ini.SimpleIniEditor.ThrowNotFoundSection(String SectionName) at System.Text.Ini.SimpleIniEditor._internalReadMethod(String Section, String Key, Boolean FirstInstanceOnly) at WMP11Slipstreamer.Backend.CompressFiles() at WMP11Slipstreamer.MainGUI.workerMethod(Object addonSettings) I have been attempting to install your tweaked version for some time now and I've been 100% unsuccessful...I have no clue what I'm doing wrong! Today I got this error. Yesterday there would be no errors but I would get the stock version of wmp11 after running my iso in virtualpc. Could you reiterate exactly how to install your tweaked version again, just go step by step so I know for sure I'm not screwing this up. I've tried using your slipstreamer, I've tried using nlite, I am lost. Thanks for any help you can give!