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  1. @ mritter, what about your findings? Is there a solution for us? Kindly Regards Puky70
  2. @ Kelsenellenelvian, first thx for support. But I have still the same issue. You file did'nt solve it. Do you have another solution or tip? Kindly Regards Puky70
  3. Hi John, the error message is about mshta.exe and told me there is no CD in the drive. But it is still in it. I am using WindowsXP at the moment. Kindly Regards Puky70
  4. Hi, can anyone help me to solve this: When I click on WPI.hta this error message appear and the screen is white. Then I have to stop the process via taskmanager. Kindly Regards Puky70
  5. Hi, could somebody upload it again, please? Thx Regards Puky70

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