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  1. OEM Folders

    When you say the $OEM$ folders are missing, do you mean they are absent from the CD-ROM or they weren't copied to the hard disk?
  2. RyanVM Post-SP3 Update Pack and N-Lite

    OK, thanks! What I've done is: 1) integrate SP3 using N-Lite, 2) integrate upgrade pack using RyanVM's Integrator, 3) make customizations using N-Lite, and then create bootable ISO. Thanks again.
  3. RyanVM Post-SP3 Update Pack and N-Lite

    Yeah, N-Lite just automates the process for you. Perhaps I was unclear: I just want to know the best way to apply RyanVM's Post-SP3 Update Pack in conjunction with N-Lite. Whilst you can apply the Update Pack using N-Lite, it's not supported; they recommend you instead use RyanVM's Integrator. What I want to know is whether I should integrate SP3 the manual way, apply the Update Pack, and then load that installation source using N-Lite to do further customizations, or is there some other process?
  4. Hi all, I want to integrate RyanVM's Post-SP3 Update Pack into my N-Lite customized Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 installation. In order for the Post-SP3 Update Pack to function correctly, Service Pack 3 has to be integrated first. RyanVM's site suggests that the Post-SP3 Update Pack be integrated with his Integrator. My question is, as the Update Pack has to be integrated after Service Pack 3 integration, how do I go about integrating the Update Pack after N-Lite has integrated Service Pack 3? Would I be best to manually integrate Service Pack 3 outside of N-Lite (using the old update.exe switches), apply the Post-SP3 Update Pack using RyanVM's integrator, and *then* boot up N-Lite? Thanks, Josh