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  1. i already tried that after installing xp i kept vista dvd and selected the repair options in that i chose startup recovery but after clicking it says it has fixed it but when i restart nothing comes it just keeps on restarting till again i have to keep xp cd and and use the bootfix after using it normal xp boot screen will come and no vista boot manager
  2. thanks man i think i will take it now but i was still worrying about heating and fan noise because as in india it is very hot in summer so should it not be a problem to me
  3. XFX PVT71GUQF3 GeForce 7900GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA Core clock: 470MHz DirectX: DirectX 9 DVI: 2 Memory Clock: 1370MHz Memory Interface: 256-bit OpenGL: OpenGL 2.0 PixelPipelines: 24 TV-Out: HDTV / S-Video Out VIVO: No Model #: PVT71GUQF3 Item #: N82E16814150216 what about this card should i take it or please specify any another 7900gt card (xfx only)
  4. the card rates for 7900 gs is 185$ and 7900gt is 199$ as i read in other forums that xfx 7900 gs was good and if overclocked could match 7900gt and there was no fan or heating problems 7900gt on other hand was as usuall good in graphics but have some problems like high fan sound and heating problems
  5. it is seperate partitions on same hdd is there any method like copying the boot sector files like bcdedit and some other files of vista as we can easily add an entry to the vista boot manager of choosing win xp if vista can be loaded after installing xp over it
  6. hi guys i want to buy a video card i am stuck with two card one is 7900gs and other is 7900gt can anyone tell me which one is better one as both the cards have almost equal prices pls help me out
  7. ya i installed them on seperate partitions
  8. after installing vista i had to format my win xp due to some reasons but now i want my xp back but when i installed xp over vista ,now xp works but vista wont start i tried recovery console from vista dvd and even the bootvis software for creating the vista boot manager but it didnt help i want to get back the vista boot manger or atleat a option for booting vista without reinstalling vista can anyone tell me how to install widows xp without losing vista or atleast bring back the vista boot manager back as after installing win xp vista boot manaer will go and normal xp boot style will come so that i dont have to reinstall vista

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