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  1. Yeah...exactly, try to follow that guide if you only speak English. It may be great for those that speak Russian, but when translated.... it sounds like a recipe for disaster. Once again I think we all need to thank Gradius for his due diligence and time spent, in this matter. After Finding the solution for himself, Gradius could've fixed his own drives and never returned to this forum. He could've been greedy and started charging $600+ for data recovery like every other data recovery businesses. Instead, he chose to share with us a basic data recovery guide, that personally saved me a lot of time and money. I don't care if he did copy and paste this recovery method. In my mind, his time and efforts on this forum deserve accolades and compensation. I urge everyone that has benefited from the service of these key guys (fatlip, Pichi, and Gradius) to "share the love", so to speak. If you have the resources, give these guys some incentive to keep spending their free time helping total strangers. Buy them dinner, buy them a drink, give them a dollar..... whatever. I think they deserve a little something for their time. Pete
  2. Thank You Gradius, Fatlip, Pichi, Poolcarpet, MSFN, and all others that have contributed to this great Seagate rescue project. Thanks to Gradius' guide, I've now restored almost all 700GB of my 1TB drive. I had the BSY issue, and the Gradius Guide worked flawlessly. I know because I've now had to use it on 4 separate occasions in to rescue the data from my drive. I'd backup about 200GB of data, and then my computer wouldn't recognize the drive anymore, so I'd have to do the "Gradius" BSY fix again. Now all I have to do is wipe the DATA, and send this piece of s*** back to Seagate. Thanks again Gradius, please PM me If you've got a paypal account, I'd like to make a donation to you for all your time and effort. Pete
  3. AWESOME!!! Thanks for the great guide Gradius, also thanks to Fatlip and Pichi for all their hard work and efforts. You guys rule. I'll be ordering the equipment tonight. Hopefully I'll be back up and running by next week.
  4. Count me in, my STS31000340AS failed yesterday after only 5 months of light use. 9QJ1P***:ST31000340AS:9BX158-303:SD15:09075:KRATSG:08/20/08:01/15/09:OEM:Coltrane69:U.S.:No Detect In Bios
  5. Wow.... 36 pages and 3 hours later, I'm much more informed and really rooting for Pichi to come up with a cure. Thanks to all of those that have put so much time into this, your effort is much appreciated. Luckily the data on my failed ST31000340AS:SD15:Thailand is not time critical, so I'll be waiting in the wings to see how this all pans out. It sounds as if Seagate might actually own up to this problem, but I'll only believe that after the first person gets his drive restored. I'd still much rather spend $20 bucks on electronic parts, and resurrect my drive at home. Please continue your efforts guys, It sure seems like you're not that far off from a solution. Thanks again everyone, ........keep up the good work.

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