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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hi, Thanks for replying. I would have taken the F6 /floppy procedure anytime, the problem is that I don't have a floppy drive. Thats why im here. I think the information on the front page its _very_ confusing, thats why I tried to clarify by reading more on the discussion, it only made me even more confused. A suggestion is to simplify and organize the information in the front page, I don't know if more people found it confusing or if its only me... This is what i've done, pelase correct me if something is wrong, ok ? 1] As the source I got a windows xp + sp2 (extracted the files into my harddrive, so I have c:\XPCD). 2] Open nlite and select the source as c:\XPCD 3] "Task selection" on nlite I select "Integrate Drivers" and under "Setup" I choose "unattended", and finally I choose "bootable iso" and press next. 4] Downloaded the "nForce_6.53_WinXP2K_english.exe" file and extracted the contents to a folder called "nForce_6.53_WinXP2K_english" 5] in nlite I selected "insert" and choose "Multiple driver folder" and browsed to the /IDE/WinXP folder where I extracted the nForce driver mentioned before 6] nlite finds: "nvatabus.inf" and "nvraid.inf" - O hold "control" down and select both files, selected as textmode drivers, and press next. 7] The unattended window comes up - here I customize the diferent options, such as serial key, ip address and users, and press next. 8] The process begins, make the resulting iso image and burn it with nero afterwards. Now, when I boot the machine with this cd, would or wouldnt it be possible to have a raid setup on a nforce3 ? <edit> The WINNT.SIF file its missing any reference to the nvidia drivers .. how is this suppose to work ? I thought nlite did this.... </edit> thanks.
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hi, I've read most of the pages on this discussion and I must say that this is all very confusing. I have a nforce3(msi neo2 platinium) and 2 HD's that I would liket o run in stripping mode, can anyone post a patch with a working setup ? If there are so many people that got this working, why doesn't someone post a package with the nvidia drivers that work, and those txt files with the info of the nvidia drivers? So all it would be needed to get a working cd, is to move the files to the i386 dir and burn a cd. I miss consistency of the information provided and more detailed information, otherwise its dificult to make use of it.