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  1. Sometimes when you enter a user name and password in Internet Explorer, it will prompt and ask if you want Internet Explorer to remember your passwords.

    Many of my users inadvertantly said 'no'. It no longer provides that service.

    How do you turn that function back on?

    I have looked EVERYWHERE!!!

  2. http://www.crazypc.com/products/cooling/cp...m#socketcoolers

    The above was a great website!

    I also went to:


    I obviously will use the arctic Silver 3 compound. However there are too many to choose from.

    I want a full copper heatsink but I would like a somewhat quiet fan. It is in my bedroom ... it will run all the time. Is the orb fan quieter. Is there one considered to be very quiet with a full copper heatsink?


    See any here that would be quiet with a full copper heatsink?

  3. I am going to be getting an AMD Athlon XP Processor. I do not think I am going to risk overclocking it. I have been researching what kind of cooling solution I should get. I know that AMD's tend to run hot but since I am not going to be overclocking what is a good fan? I dont think I am going to need a cooling system with dual exhaust or anything like that. However I do want to protect my investment.

    It made sound stupid, but I have a 3 foot by 3 foot box fan that blows into my server. I removed one side of my Server box and I have my fan constantly blowing on it from about an inch or two away set to 'low'. It tends to keep the computer cool but more important than that...it NEVER accumulates any dust at all!

    A friend of mine turned me on to it. Works great.

    Is there a CPU fan that is considered the best or a no-brainer for an Athlon XP CPU?

  4. I just tried these too.


    http://www.coolcasemods.com (some nice kit there)




    Some great sites. These will be great for the future. However I've tried all sites listed in this thread with no luck. Maybe they are not released yet. I mean the ASUS board isn't even on the ASUS website. I really do appreciate all of your help.


  5. I have 3 computers on a local LAN. They are accessible via my Linksys Cable/DSL router. I have ATT broadband using the Toshiba Cable Modem.

    I Forward port 3389 (Terminal Services) through my router to my WIN 2000 Server box.

    On my computer at work, I can terminal Service into the NBA and NHL host fine. I have no latency at all really with those servers, given the NBA is on a T1 but the NHL Is on a T3. (By the way I provide Networking and Scoring System Support to the NBA and NHL...Cool I know!)

    Anyway, when I try to Terminal Service into my server at home it is very slow. On the Terminal Services client I use at work, I have the 'enable data compression' and 'Cache bitmaps to disk' check box checked.

    1 of my computers at home, (Not the Win 2000 Server box), is always running Morpheus. It is on the same LAN as my Server. The 3rd box is not accessing the LAN, it is not running any processes at this time. The Server box is running a web server, but Terminal Services always seems to be slow regardless of whether anyone is actually downloading from from my web server.

    Is there any way to reduce the terrible latency I encounter when I terminal service into my Server at home. Is it slow because I am running Morpheus on the LAN on another box? I mean it's a 2 way modem, Downloading doesn't affect uploading speed all that much.


  6. I am pretty sure it will be one of these two boards.

    ASUS A7V333

    MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU

    I just can't find them for sale ANYWHERE. The ASUS board isn't even listed on the ASUS website. I e-mailed them to find out about it's availability and suggested price but I haven't received a reply yet.

    I guess i need some help with web sites that sell computer parts and in this case motherboards. I started a new posting to hopefully find some. Haven't found any sites that list these two boards though.

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