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  1. I do believe most white boxes use generic OEM versions of windows, am I right? 75% of what I service is HP/Dell, though I do get some white box. I guess I need to research that a little bit.
  2. Actually that is not true. You can use OEM versions of XP with various PIDs for each manufacturer with those keys, or so I am told. So you can have a dedicated XP OEM disc that works with HP, one for Dell, etc, etc etc.
  3. I dont want to sell modified windows. I just want to use nLite to streamline the format/resinstall process when repairing PCs.
  4. So the EULA for nLite prohibits using it for commercial purposes. I am starting a PC Repair business soon, and I would like to use nLite for prepping unattended installs using customer's OEM keycodes. Is it possible for me to purchase a license for this purpose?

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