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  1. Hi every one I have problem with my windows 2000 nlited installation During windows 2000 setup (in virtual pc 2004) when it shows "setup is loading the files ..." it says "The entry tffsport.sys in the[sourcedisksfiles] section of the INF file is missing or corrpted. Setup could not be continued" In full installation it doesn't show any error. Could you tell me which component i had removed which is causing this error. Please Help
  2. Yes i think this was the problem. i got my card replaced by another card (i think slightly old version) now it works. thanks a lot for the support
  3. http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=SY...5UC&cat=CCD Also after boot screen when usb card not installed it shows PCI DEVICES: PIC ONBOARD PCI BRIDGE PCI ONBOARD USB CONTROLLER, IRQ9 PCI SLOT 3 ETHERNET, IRQ10 PCI ONBOARD BRIDGE DEVICE PCI ONBOARD IDE PCI BRIDGE VGA, IRQ11 at IRQ settings in Bios there is only 2 option set to either PCI or ISA. I had tried to set it to ISA and then Back to PCI but the problem still exist. I dont find any thing like latency in my bios setting few thing related to this i noticed is - 1. Master Lat. Timer : 40H 2. DMA-0 to DMA-7 Type all set to "Normal ISA" no one is set to "PC/PCI" 3. Power management : disabled 4. Legacy USB KB/MOUSE support : enabled 5.PCI latency timer (PCI clock) : 64 6. DMA Channel 0 to 7 : all set to "PnP" i think this could help
  4. I dont have any documentation for both motherboard and usb card all i know is Motherboard- having 4pci slot have intel chipset (2 one for agp and one sound) USB card - 4+1port, VIA USB2.0 VT6212L
  5. hi everyone I had a old P2 machine with me in which i try to install usb card. but when i inserted the brand new PCI USB2.0 (4+1) card in pci slot, the system nor show any display neither it boot up (as there is no beep). but when i remove this card system is going perfectly alright. I had used the usb card (2 port) in this machine about 3 year back and at that time it used to work perfectly fine but i don't have this card(2 port) with me now. I had installed this card(4+1) in my amd sempron machine and it work perfectly fine. Please Help.

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