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  1. I've downloaded the final version ot nLite , and during installation i choosed not the secure preset but ... the other one.. i can't remember the name. At the end it says it reduces the windows to 140MB. Superb, but i have some problems with it. First one is when the wireless adapter connects to my router. It says Acquiring network address and continue acquiring forever... The interesting is that it gets the ip in 1-2 seconds but this message "acquiring network address" is still there and the icon with the computer is down to the system clock. The second problem is when switching different languages. I'm using EN (United States) and BG (Bulgarian Phonetic). I choosed to switch between them by CTRL + SHIFT. It works just fine for a couple of minutes and then it STOPS. I have to Switch to ALT + SHIFT and then back to CTRL + SHIFT to be able to switch. If anyone has the same problems. Please tell me which service i removed from the installation. Everything else is Perfect. And by the way ... the problem with acquiring network address is not actually forever, but in 10-20 minutes. Thanks in advance !!!
  2. I get them by DHCP. The problem is when i create a preferred network and click on properties windows hangs and restarts explorer.exe. Next time i go to the preferred networks the list is empty. i even can't connect to the network i've just created Any idea ?
  3. I'm afraid it's not that. I've just added this driver to the compilation (edition) and reinstalled and the same problem was still there . Another idea why's that happening?
  4. Hi, I've created a nLited edition by myself. Everything's just fine.. but my wireless adapter can't connect to the wireless router. The broadband is turned off, so i click on "change the order of preferred networks" and create a preferred network. When i added it next time it's not there. And it cannot connect to the router. It says "acquiring network address" and nothing happened. When i also press properties on the created preferred network (before disappearance) windows restarts explorer.exe . Anyone knows why this happens? Which service i did stop? I just attached my session file - aaa.ini Thanx in advance aaa.ini
  5. Hi, I am a new user. I am looking for a nLited XP edition. Not so cuted but with most of unusual services dropped. The software types, i am using, are dvd burning , office tools, programming - delphi, php; mysql, apache ... Thank you very much ))

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