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PC Problems

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  1. The 6 WindowsMedia Updates - KB952069 KB954155 KB973540 KB975558 KB978695 KB2378111 They are on your list...?
  2. Ok, below is the list from Boogy's site... I noticed his slipstreamer will not start unless all of these are included. KB928788 FIX: Windows Media Player 11 may not work correctly when you use the Media Sharing feature to stream Windows Media format video content across a home network KB929399 FIX: Subscription services cannot extract metering data when the services try to synchronize metering data on a client computer that is running the Windows Media Format 11 SDK KB929773 FIX: You hear an unexpected noise or a problem in the audio playback when you play back a Windows Media Audio (WMA) file on certain hardware devices KB932390 FIX: The encoder cannot use the Windows Media Audio 9 Voice codec after you install Windows Media Player 11 on a computer that uses Windows Media Encoder 9 Series KB933547 FIX: Windows Media Player 11 may crash if you plug in certain flash memory devices while you use Windows Media Player in Windows XP KB935551 FIX: Device connection is disconnected when you synchronize lots of files between Windows Media Player 11 and a Windows Mobile device KB935552 FIX: Windows Media Player 11 may stop responding when you transfer media to a device that uses the Media Transfer Protocol and then you cancel the transfer process KB939209 FIX: When you use an application to play DRM-protected video content in Windows XP, the application may fail KB939683 FIX: Update for Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP KB941569 MS07-068: Vulnerability in Windows Media file format could allow remote code execution KB944882 FIX: The memory for an application increases for each file that you transfer when you transfer media from a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows XP to a portable device KB952069 MS08-076: Vulnerabilities in Windows Media Components Could Allow Remote Code Execution KB954067 FIX: You see lower quality video when you use Windows Media Encoder 9 Series or a similar Windows Media Format SDK-based encoder to encode a video KB954069 (x86 only) Windows Media Encoder 9 crashes when you switch the input and output viewers and change resources repeatedly KB954154 MS08-054: Vulnerability in Windows Media Player could allow remote code execution KB954155 MS09-051: Description of the security update for Windows Media Audio Voice Decoder: October 13, 2009 KB973442 An application that uses the WMV codec cannot play back content that is encoded in the MBR format KB973540 MS09-037 - Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Active Template Library (ATL) Could Allow Remote Code Execution KB978695 MS10-033: Description of the security update for Media Format Runtime 9, for Media Format Runtime 9.5, and for Media Format Runtime 11: June 8, 2010 KB975558 MS10-062: Vulnerability in MPEG-4 Codec could allow remote code execution KB2378111 MS10-082: Vulnerability in Windows Media Player could allow remote code execution Thanks.
  3. FAO -X- Hello, OK your UDC worked a treat - I like it alot, thank you. So simple and effective. Just to mention, a lot of people and myself included will use Boogy's MP11 slipstreamer before running Nlite. I noticed that some of the updates are duplicated - I noticed them but others may not Would it be worthwhile to make some more foot notes stating this if they do the same slipstream process... It may save you more "I followed your instructions and it didnt work!" posts Just trying to help... Thanks Mike.
  4. SpoiledBrat - Thank you - expanding it worked a treat, I presume I dont need to compress it after my changes? -X- - That looks a great solution, I will try your UDC and re-try the slipstream in the week sometime. Thank you both for replying... Mike.
  5. PC Problems


    Hello all, I haven't used Nlite for a while now so decided to update my XP CD's I have d/loaded lastest Nlite The nlite runs and finishes without any complaints or errors. I am trying to add some .cmd files in to the folder SVCPACK in I386 But I have noticed there is no SVCPACK.INF file in I386 so how are these in the SVCPACK folder being run? Has something gone wrong or am I missing something obvious A bit confused ? Thank you in advance... Mike. Last Session.ini
  6. :wacko: Ok its VERY simple pause exit :blushing:
  7. TY Jaclaz I will attempt to join the dots later today Because this is primarily aimed at end users, I just need to add an ending... So at the end of the apply and bcdboot, I would like to echo "The system Recovery has finished successfully, please remove the DVD from the drive, and press any key to reboot..." How do I actually achieve this, how do i make any key = exit? Also this works like a dream so far, and completey recovers the partitions and OS in around 12 mins.... not bad. Thanks Mike.
  8. Right, I figured out that the command goes in the startnet.cmd !! @ Jaclaz Ok - so reading the post the CLJone "script" will fail with card readers, ok i get that. Now imagine your "code" is an aeroplane, the plane left the runway and went straight OVER MY HEAD until it ran out of fuel - lol :blink: What do I do with your code, copy it in to the startnet.cmd or something else? I used CLJone script and it worked, but version 1002a requires Jaclaz's code; please kindly clarify... Thank to all so far for your really helpful replies... Without whom etc... Mike
  9. Ah wow fantastic thank you. Just 1 silly question left, where do I put this run cmd! Sorry I am new to WinPE and WinRE
  10. TY Allan, Yes I have had alot of thought on this and yes you are correct, the hurdle for me is how to determine the drive letter of the location of the WIM on the DVD. The drive letter assigned to the DVD could be anything depending on how many HD's etc there are. I dont know how to determine which drive letter is assigned to apply the image command?
  11. TY, yes read that one too, the REANGENTC.EXE must set up a variable call within the windows OS to look for install.wim, but this obviously does not apply to the WinRE on a DVD ? So when you press F8 and select repair my computer it boots from the recovery partition and the WinRE looks at the Windows OS variable to find the location of install.wim... ...
  12. TY, but that is the same guide I am using, it tells you how to create the WinRE disc, but then the help file simply moves on to the hard drive partition recovery? Thanks Mike.
  13. Hi all, What I want to achieve:- When I sell a new PC with Windows 7, I want to create a self booting System Recovery DVD. I am fully aware that you can create a WinRE hard disk based recovery partition via the F8 - Repair your computer. But hard drives fail, and you have then lost the recovery ability, and if under warranty I have to install from fresh on new HD again, so therefore I want to create this on a physical media. I have successfully made the WinRE DVD as stated in the OPK. I have also successfully created my "image.wim" after the Sysprep -shutdown via Imagex of the new PC's Windows 7 installation. So my question is how do I make the WinRE DVD i have created to automatically deploy my "image.wim" to the new hard drive for that PC? I also presume I will need to make a DISKPART script to create the 200mb system and primary partition for the Win 7 partitions before the "image.wim" is deployed? The OPK documentation seems very vague? Can this be done. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Mike.
  14. Yeah it appears so... It tried the whole procedure first time and setup could not copy AcLayers.dll, so i deleted the SOURCE and SOURCESS contents and started again from fresh, and still AcLayers.dll could not be copied! I dont understand why the same file could be copied over corrupted twice i checked the files sizes in each directory and also the CRC32 value - all said exactly the same! Done a CHKDSK as you suggested and it found problems and fixed them, so i did the same as above for the 3rd time and it worked perfectly. I must say the whole experience with this MSFN board and your project have set an example the large blue chip companies should follow, questions are answered quickly, the help and support is 1st class, and lastly your HFSLIP is just outstanding. A testiment to all who have contributed to this whole experience. Mike
  15. Many thanks Tomcat !! CHKDSK to the rescue !!!!! Geesh - sometimes you cant see the wood through the tree's. Mike
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