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  1. WinPE 2.0 GimageX COM based HTA

    I second that request ... My largest has about 13 and it is pushing everything off the page. Are you talking about Geezery's or my HTA? I think I'm going to revisit the comdlg issue. This might be something that an AutoIT script would be more suited to (just the browse function). Also, it might be a good idea for me to post a separate thread so the support questions aren't confusing the two. Rob
  2. WinPE 2.0 GimageX COM based HTA

    Cool Geezery...will do. I'll see if I can make a Geezery/qc_metal hybrid and post my results here. Thanks for your permission on that!
  3. WinPE 2.0 GimageX COM based HTA

    Use stdout.readall to get any commandline output into a variable. You need to use the .exec method, however in order to get this. ***edit*** - - - OH crap, I didn't see the follow up pages to this post! Sorry about that... I also created an HTA for ImageX, and then I stumbled onto this page - see the screenshots... Maybe we could combine our efforts? I've attached the HTA as a ZIP to this post. Also, there is a good example of how to utilize the browse for folder dialog in the HTA (very nice to have). You just need to supply comdlg32.ocx and imagex.exe to make the HTA work. Update 10/16/07: I've worked out some kinks with some logic, and have a .02a release for anyone who wants to try it. Now it will pull the Image info when using the 'apply' or 'append' functions. I'm working on 'delete' next. Note that this one does not require an XML package to be installed in order for it to work - - this was to make things a bit more simple with regards to what you need in order to make this HTA to work. I know it is a cheeky solution, but it does work . Essentially, the HTA uses only filesystem objects, and nothing more (no WMI, either). ImageX_v.02a_RD.zip
  4. Here's a site for my VBSHF script that will allow you to remotely update a single or series of computers with the MS patches that you specify. You can also run it in a login script silently and install patches if the PC requires it. The download is free (and so is the support) - give it a shot here: http://uphold2001.brinkster.net/vbshf/forum Thanks! Rob