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  1. After Instalation

    Hello. I have a question, does anybody know where the white video with xp logo before the first boot is located? Can I change it? Thanks in advance
  2. the best way is real test because in vmware you dont have all the functions sometimes
  3. Windows Name

    thanks for your help and I hope someone will fill your list. Thanks again
  4. Windows Name

    it would be better if all of those could be changed. i'm thinking of a total change. could you give me an answer how to change all of them?
  5. Windows Name

    is it possibly to totally modify windows name with hack so that even nlite before customizing show that name. i know that it's possible from registry but from dlls? thanks in advance.
  6. DriverPack

    Hello I have a question for you. Is it possible to modify the screen before the GUI setup when the drivers are installed? because it's a boring blue screen. Can the screen where is the windows logo and says " please wait..." before the login also be changed? thx
  7. thanks it really works
  8. hello! i have 2 questions: 1)it's possible to run programs during the Gui-mode setup? for example if i want to use musiq, games or videos? 2)i have also another question; can i change the partition label to which i install the new windows? Thanks