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  1. Yes, Iceman is right. I've been looking around for the same thing for a while, and all the tricks involve booting up in another OS (BartPE, Linux, etc) and changing the HAL before the imaged PC boots the first time. I have successfully used the UpdateUPHal option in sysprep.inf -- the trick is building on a Multiproc PC, and using the UpdateUPHal line in sysprep.inf. Then the image will load on both Uni/Multiproc ACPI+APIC machines. That'll at least reduce you to two images: one for Uni/Multi APIC+ACPI machines, and one for (really OLD) non-APIC machines. If you are using sysprep, I suggest Vernalex.com's Sysprep Driver Scanner @ http://www.vernalex.com/tools/spdrvscn/ (I have no association with him/her). It can be added into a script to simplify step 4 in jeremyotten's instructions. Another issue is the "Inaccessable boot device" BSOD. This is what jerster mentions. I imagine if you create the image with a CD that has the problem SATA drivers slipstreamed, then it'll be a non-issue. A totally different approach that is kind of left over from the NT4 days (before sysprep).... Build an XP install source with all the drivers you'll need, and possibly slipstreaming/integrate some software into it as well. Make this unattended as well. Copy the installation source to the local drive, launch setup from there, and on the first reboot (after text mode), image it. Setup will proceed to finish from there, detecting your HAL and whatnot. Downside: It takes 30+ minutes for setup to finish. Upside: Works on anything (that you slipstream support for, at least). Don't need to know/run sysprep. YMMV. I haven't tried this technique since (like I said) the NT4 days. I really don't see any reason why it wouldn't work, because the basic setup procedure in XP is still very similar to the NT4 setup.
  2. OK, that does make sense. I'm off on a vacation trip for the long weekend, but I'll get some test results probably late next week. Have a good weekend everybody!
  3. OK, I still haven't had the chance to do a clean install test... or the solution Tomcat suggested (remove references to wmp11.inf) but I can verify that putting wmp11.inf in the %windir%\inf directory manually fixes the problem. Since I'm building hard drive images from the install created by the CD, this is really minor problem for myself, as I just push an image back to a drive, alter the contents, and create an updated image. Another thing I forgot to mention in the earlier posts, I'm building with XP Pro Corporate. I also noticed that wmp11.inf is included in the WMP11 installer, so what would be the problem with hfslip just copying it into %windir%\inf? Would that be more difficult than changing the creation/content of hfslp156.inf? I know it involves dosnet.inf and txtsetup.sif... it's been since the NT4 days since I've modified them, though! Expanding on EmRod's solution, closely related to my idea above, could there be yet another inf that copies wmp11.inf into the proper place? It could be created conditionally based on the inclusion of wmp10/wmp11. Don't hesitate to tell me which ideas should be flushed, but I would actually like to know why any given idea would be bad... and I'm sure there are dozens of lurkers that do too.
  4. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to try out your suggestion, TC. The image I had created wouldn't load on my spare PC (HAL incompatibility). I also haven't had the chance to test the image with the wmp11.inf file added. It may take me another day or so, but I won't forget. After some thought on antonio_king's comments, Office Pro 2003 and Symantec Client Security (Corporate AV/Firewall) were added before the creation of the problem image. I need to sysprep a baseline install with no software and see if I can reproduce the issue.
  5. OK, taking Kiki's advice Attached are the requested files (and also hfslp156.inf) in a zip. Can I help anyone as far as getting the info Kiki just told me onto the website and/or hfslip.log? @Tomcat76: I hadn't thought of that approach (edit HFSLP156.inf) but I did grab wmp11.inf from the installer... and was going to dump it in %windir%\inf and see what happens. Will let you know. wmp11_sysprep.zip
  6. Hello, and thanks Tomcat76, TommyP, and all the other contributors to HFSLIP for an awesome package. I first tried it out a week or two ago, and it saves me LOTS of time. Here's the issue: I have slipstreamed all critical updates, IE7, and WMP11 with version 1.2.1. The install from CD works flawless. I built a disk image based on this install, running sysprep -mini -reseal. The first time a user logs on (after an image has been applied, and sysprep has run the mini-setup), there is an error from Advanced INF Install about the lack of wmp11.inf in C:\Windows\inf. I looked myself, and wmp11.inf isn't present. HFSLP156.inf references it multiple times... even in [Copy.INF.WMP] (it's pointed at 17, which I believe is %windir%\inf, but I'm not sure). The error is little more than an annoyance, as it apparently just keeps shortcuts from being created. I can manually launch media player and everything works OK. It just makes a fully unattended image procedure kind of attended. Thanks for your time, and let me know what info you need to troubleshoot this issue... I'll gladly provide it.

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