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  1. Is there a fix for the driver signing dialog (during the windows installation); I applied this fix after using nLite to do 80 some hotfixes and am nagged a few times by it (and I dont think it was the IE addon that you made causing them)?
  2. ms audio codec issue

    Yes, I have found that page as well, except I've WMP 10 installed, and that file barked at me And don't know if it's necessary to upgrade something that works.... How about the "Microsoft PCM Converter" codec, do you think that would also be fixed as well if I upgraded to WMP 11? Ok, I've learned that WMP11 is for XP only... not for server 2003 yet. And just out of luck, I was able to re-enable the "Windows Media Audio" under Audio Codec's via an option in this K-Lite Mega pack thingie... Now, all I need help with is the "Microsoft PCM Converter"... maybe reinstalling my audio device drivers (built in to my Abit AB9) will fix this; I'll report back.
  3. ms audio codec issue

    Hello gang, I've a very strange problem with my server 2003 box, it seems that while I was fiddeling with audio codec's, I somehow had all the MS default codec's wiped from my system. Apparently I've successfully installed them all back, except for 2. They are: "Windows Media Audio" and "Microsoft PCM Converter" (For those who want to see the info on these, goto Computer Management, then Hardware Devices, expand Sounds n Audio devices, open up Audio Codecs, and properties list them) I've searched all over for a solution, I've done searches on another computer to find (maybe) what I can tweak to fix it on my main box (registry patching fails; searched windows folder, came up blank). The last thing I would try would be monitor every file on my other computer, and remove these codec's so I could add them in (maybe).. But I'd rather format my main. Also, I tried the Add/Remove -> Windows component to look for anything there for multimedia / sounds and audio, but I'm thinking that was from the 2000 days (maybe XP but I don't use it so can't check it) Thanks for suggestions, hopefully a solution