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  1. So no one knows how to mannually change the colour etc of the task bar. Thanks for the effort 1101doc and i'll use your tips.
  2. Cool thanks. really cool site "1101doc" but i was wondering is there a file that could be "hacked" to customize it. I enjoy doing the things by hand, so if anyone knows the manual way please reply, but once again thanks for the site "1101doc."
  3. Just like change the colours, buttons, and font and stuff like that to personalize it
  4. Is there anyway to customize my taskbar and start menu without using any external theme or program. thanks jay-jay
  5. Thanks alot it worked great
  6. Hey all I am from the caribbean and just got into the customization game. This is a really cool site and i hope i can learn and share what i know with all who need it. Using: Windows XP Pro SP2 Pentium 4 1.8 GHz 375 DDR Ram
  7. I read the unattended XP and created my own and i am going to test it and was wondering how to inegrate custom drive icons into the installation. Please Help p.s. really cool site

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