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  1. Windows XP unattended logout randomly

    Have you looked into: Control Panel >> Power Options >> Hibernate (tab), to insure all is well in that area ?
  2. Windows 7 Official Default Wallpaper UPDATED

    I like mine, doesn't hurt the eyes:
  3. Boot Windows 7 from VHD - an amazing concept

    Firstly, let me thank you with the same enthusiasm that "Jake" did, above. This is awesome... Next, me being a dummy of sorts, can you explain exactly what the term "sysprep" means to do, in the above quote? I have the Win 7 RC in a vhd, boots fine, etc. I do understand everything you've written thus far, but do not understand what the "sysprep" is, or -how to do it-. I've got various OS's as .vhd under MS Virtual PC 2007 SP1, and would like to put one or more under the Win 7 bootmgr, just for testing fun, but will have to "sysprep" their copies beforehand, I guess... Thanks again for your amazing post and thank you for any further assistance. Best regards, Chuck R.
  4. Windows XP Theme Deleted

    Yeah, they hardly ever read like this... Especially when they're old-time members that need help: Joined: 6-May 09
  5. HELP kb905474 PL

  6. I use this -- works every time. Even points to how to burn the CD... Good luck! http://www.theeldergeek.com/slipstreamed_xpsp2_cd.htm
  7. Boot nLite image from USB thumb drive?

  8. Windows Vista Boot Image

    After my posting the message below, i saw THIS: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=86461&hl= (Post 17, at Bottom) i think i would try it FIRST... =============================================== If -i- were in your position, what -i- would try is this: 1. enable hidden files, system files, etc. so that i can see -everything- 2. then i'd burn an installable DVD using the file "BOOTSECT.BAK" as the boot image. Note: i would be doing this "by the seat of my pants" - which means "guessing". 3. This file is in the root of my C: (install) drive, for my copy of Vista beta of Premium. 4. its 8KB big = 16 sectors, which seems favorable for a CD/DVD boot... 5. I do -NOT- have vista installed on my computer, but i -do- have it installed under MS VirtualPC 2007. 6. Also, I have DVDs of 32bit and 64bit V. premium, RC-1, but these may differ from "released" versions. 7. Be extra --careful-- with Vista hard disk boot-sectors. It has a TOTALLY different format from XP, etc. You need a special Vista program to deal with it, called "BCDEDIT.EXE". 8. Root of beta DVD only has file: BOOTMGR, no ntldr. Same with Virtual PC root files. 9. Is yours 32bit or 64bit (which has even -different- boot sector format) ? Also note that the CD/DVD boot is different than the hard-drive boot... good luck
  9. 1. Note that a DVD holds much more data than does a CD. 2. You probably have TabletPC or Media Center Edition. 3. The "folders" containing this software is normally on CD2 (of a 2 CD set.) 4. If you've done your -DVD- properly, you'll see a folder name 'CMPNENTS' in your root. ____This is the 'containing' folder for the above software. 5. When he asks for CD2, just put your DVD back in and carry on. This makes him happy.... Let us know if this works for you...
  10. I understand that CD2 -contains- the Media Center Edition software. (I believe CD1 is regular XP Professional, and it's CD2 that makes it MCE.) Check if your CD2 has a folder 'CMPNENTS". Inside this folder should be 3 other folders: MEDIACTR, NETFX, TABLETPC... Can't answer about MCE Gold - sounds like 'marketing hype'...