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  1. I'm using XP home with service pack 2, and by pure install file I assume that you mean it's not been touched or tampered with, so yes to that also.
  2. I just tried to slipstream SP 2 into the iso, except that it's not allowing me to, :realmad: help!
  3. One more thing: when I tried to install windows through the boot cd, it prompted me to install Service Pack 2 through a floppy drive. The thing is, I don't have a drive A. Is there a workaround for this problem?
  4. One more question, do you need the file 'win51ic' for a bootable cd? What if the I386 folder tops 700 MB? can you make a bootable DVD?
  5. Is it the one in C: or in C:/windows?
  6. Thanks! Except that my PC is a Dell and doesn't come with a Windows CD . Is there anything else that I can do?
  7. Hello, I'm using nLite 1.3 beta and I have no idea what the windows source files are.[ ] Please help! Where are these files?

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